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PLD and FPGA Architecture

PLD and FPGA Architecture

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Part Time

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Professional Courses

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1 MONTH 3hours a day


M.Tech/M.E/B.E/B.Tech/Msc-Electronics /Electrical/ CSE/ ECE Instrumentation or equivalent Fee: Rs 6,000 only for SSI & Individuals Rs 8,000 for Govt. Organization & Major Industries.

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PLD and FPGA Architecture - It is an integrated circuit able to implement combinational and/or sequential digital functions defined by the designer and programmed into this circuit.There are a wide variety of ICs that can have their logic function “programmed” into them after they are manufactured. Most of these devices use technology that also allows the function to be reprogrammed.Historically, programmable logic arrays (PLAs) were the first programmable logic devices.PLAs contained a two-level structure of AND and OR gates with user-programmable connections.Using this structure, a designer could accommodate any logic function up to a certain level of complexity using the well-known theory of logic synthesis and minimization. PLA structure was enhanced and PLA costs were reduced with the introduction of programmable array logic (PAL) devices.


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