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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Archaeology)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD Archaeology)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Doctoral / PhD Programs

Course Duration:

3 Years


The candidate should have pass in higher secondary or bachelor degree or equivalent.

Course Details:

Ph.D Archaeology - Ph.D Archaeology who work in an academic institution consistently face questions about the nature and quality of programs. Administrators ask us to justify new faculty lines or expenditures for laboratories, contract programs, or publications. From a different perspective, undergraduates or students with M.A.'s who plan to apply to doctoral programs in archaeology want to know what characteristics they should look for and what programs are the best. Given the traditional four-field organization of anthropology departments, however, there are few, if any, national surveys of archaeology programs alone. For these reasons, the editors of the Bulletin were encouraged by several colleagues to conduct an initial survey to define what our peers see as the most important characteristics of outstanding graduate programs and what specific programs are viewed as either the best or most improved over the past few years.


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