PG Diploma in HIV Medicine

PG Diploma in HIV Medicine

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

PG Diploma / Certification

Course Duration:

1 year


MBBS Should have pass in higher secondary or graduation or equivalent

Course Details:

PG Diploma in HIV Medicine - HIV is a dreaded disease. The medication and treatment to cure this deadly disease is some what every one can't do. You need experts to do that. In allopathic treatment there is no cure for HIV, while in alternative systems there are many cures. The drugs used in allopathic HIV medicine often have very toxic side effects also have the the risk of drug interactions is high because of the frequent necessity to prescribe multiple drugs. Allopathic HIV medication have lot of drug side effects. The study shows these drugs damage DNA in the patient's mitochondria - the 'batteries' which power our cells to carry out their functions.The findings may explain why HIV-infected people treated with such drugs sometimes show advanced signs of frailty and risk of heart disease and dementia even at an early age.


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