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Networking Concepts

Networking Concepts

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Part Time

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Professional Courses

Course Duration:

1 MONTH 3hours a day


M.Tech / M.E / B.E / B.Tech / Msc-Electronics /Electrical/ CSE / ECE Instrumentation or equivalent Fee: Rs 6000 only for SSI & Individuals. Rs 8,000 for Govt. Organization & Major Industries

Course Details:

Networking Concepts - At this point you should know how to do computer controlled measurements. However, the computer you use is probably connected to a network, and that connection allows for some interesting possibilities. In particular, you can take measurements and do control remotely. However, there are a few topics you should be conversant with before you try that.Using computer measurement and control across a network allows for possibilities of operation in remote or otherwise inaccessible locations, and it allows for measurement and control of multiple locations from a single location. To take advantage of those possibilities, you need to have a basic familiarity with networked computers. You need to learn about basic concepts of network addressing and how to determine addresses. When you are finished with this unit you should be able to use a program (LabVIEW) to perform measurements and control across a network and you will learn about URLs, and IP addresses, and how to determine them. In addition, you will learn about some basic network concepts (servers, etc.)


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