Master of Science (MSc MCAJ + Mass Communication)

Master of Science (MSc MCAJ + Mass Communication)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

2 Years


Must have pass in graduation with science stream

Course Details:

M.Sc MCAJ + Mass Communication- Mass communication is the communication of mass produced messages for mass audiences often spread all over the globe. This mass communication serves millions of people who seek information on a variety of issues and topics.We are living in an age of media revolution fuelled by the technology. Passing through various stages of development, the printing press of the fifteenth century had ushered in the modern era of newspapers, magazines and books. The nineteenth century invention of the telegraph, the telephone and wireless communication had provided us with the powerful mediums of mass communication-radio and television. The most outstanding marvel of the modern technology – the internet is yet another means of communicating with the masses. Photography and movies too are instruments of mass communication. Socio economic conditions in the society influence the process of communication. It is important for the mass communication professional to learn to assess the best method of captivating large audiences which are more often than not anonymous. A mass media professional has to both knowledgeable as well as appropriately skillful.


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