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Part Time

Course Level:

Professional Courses

Course Duration:

1 MONTH 3hours a day


M.Tech/M.E/B.E/B.Tech/Msc-Electronics /Electrical/ CSE/ ECE Instrumentation or equivalent Fee: Rs 6000 only for SSI & Individuals. Rs 8,000 for Govt. Organization & Major Industries

Course Details:

Microcontroller - This is a small and low-cost type of computer that runs a program stored in non-volatile memory. Configuring a microcontroller for a system generally requires an experienced programmer, and closing loops such as position and velocity can be quite difficult. Often, when one designs a servo system using a microcontroller, one will have the amplifier/drive close the desired loops, while the microcontroller simply sends particular commands back to the amplifier. These commands may be dependent on inputs into the microcontroller (sensors, switches, etc).


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