Master of Fisheries Science (MFSc)

Master of Fisheries Science (MFSc)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

2 Years


A candidate having aggregate of 60% marks in the bachelor’s examination either in the fishery science or in zoology discipline can apply for the M F Sc program. Only the qualified candidates in the entrance test are eligible for taking the M F Sc degree. The age limit for the program is put to be 20-25.

Course Details:

Master of Fisheries Science (M.F.Sc), is a two-year postgraduate advanced fisheries science course in India. Higher education in fisheries in Country prepare candidates as successful aqua Consultant, one can start and run their own enterprise and established as, Feed Manufacturing, Feed Sales, Ornamental Fish Culture and Breeding, Aquaculture Hatchery and Seed Production, Fish Processing and Marketing, Net Marketing etc. Candidates are able to start their own Agri-Clinics for fish diagnosis disease, testing and supply of farm input products.

The M F Sc program can be considered as the interdisciplinary field related to the areas of Management, Economics, Oceanography and Biology etc.

The study develops the ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strength and weakness of alternative solution, conclusion and also approaches to problems.The master’s study focused on theoretical and practical aspects of Fisheries Science Like : Aquatic Environment and Biodiversity, Chemical Integration in the Aquatic Environment Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Aquatic pollution and Wastewater Management Ecology and Management of Limonitic Environment, Environmental Toxicology, Doctoral Research,Restoration Ecology, Application and Fats of Pollutants and the Ocean.

This course requires 2 years of the time period in India. It’s a full-time degree course, but some student uses part-time and distance learning educational program in certain criteria.


The candidate who has completed Bachelor Degree like Bachelor of Fisheries Science (B.F.Sc), Bachelor of Science with special subjects( Biology, Zoology) or an Equivalent Examination with minimum 50% marks, and B.Tech degree holder are also eligible to take admission in master's study program.

Further Studies

If candidates have the desire to gain more knowledge to accelerate their profession and skills can pursue M.Phil (Fisheries Science), Ph.D. ((Fisheries Science), for specialisation and also do research oriented work in the respective field.

Career Option

After the successful completion, of course one can recognize as Pisciculturist and work as
senior Researcher (Fisheries), Senior Fisheries Scientist, Professor, (Fisheries Development ), Lecturer, Researcher assistant, Consultant (Fisheries Administration ), Special Officer (Fisheries Science), etc.


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