Master of Arts (MA Islamic Studies)

Master of Arts (MA Islamic Studies)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

2 Years



Course Details:

M.A Islamic Studies- The basic knowledge about Islam and Muslim societies in different regions. It seeks to encourage interaction of different scholarly disciplines and to facilitate critical awareness of issues of religion and society promoting thereby good community relations and removing mutual distrust between members of a pluralistic society. Its postgraduate studies programme includes M.A. The MA offers the students the opportunity to concentrate on the Qur'an, the Hadith and other Islamic texts, and so provides a unique training in the translation of Islamic religious material. The degree is designed to benefit academics, teachers of Islam in other institutions, translators of Islamic material into English in research centres, government departments and da'wa centres. It provides excellent research training and is a useful qualification for those who wish to progress to higher postgraduate degrees.


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