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MA International Family Studies

MA International Family Studies

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Masters Degree

Course Duration:

1 Year


* Post Graduate degree in social sciences or social work * Proficient in English language and Computer Skills

Course Details:

Around the globe, families have long been recognized as basic units of society which perform essential functions and can serve as sources of stability, continuity and development. It has also been recognized that families are essential to the world’s future as they provide the nurturing ground for the generations to come.

The objectives of the M.A. program in International Family Studies are to provide students with opportunities to:
* Explore a global focus on family studies.
* Understand multiple theoretical perspectives on the family.
* Investigate the linkages between micro and macro analyses of the family.
* Enhance and apply their knowledge and skills in practice and policy advocacy in international family studies.
* Develop and expand their intercultural competencies in academic, professional and personal contexts.
* Apply non-judgemental approaches and critical thinking to specific academic, professional and personal contexts.


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