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Family Business Mentoring (FBM)

Family Business Mentoring (FBM)

Learning Mode:

Part Time

Course Level:

Professional Courses

Course Duration:

24 Months



Course Details:

About the Program
Businesses between Rs 5 cr to Rs 50 cr Turnover are major growth drivers in the Indian economy. With their high capacity to create employment and their long-term vision, family firms make a unique contribution to society in general. And yet 99% of high potential business do not go to the next level. One generation is not able to grow at the same pace.
The next stage is exposure and grooming to markets, customers, bankers, vendors and high potential employees. With proper training and exposure, your business will get what it deserve, a leap to the next level safe in the hands of well educated and groomed leaders of tomorrow.
The working within the family firms have unique challenges like Planning, Generation gaps, Share holding parents, Ego clashes, Control mechanisms to name a few. We work with the family members and owners to create an environment conductive to driving the best people decision in their specific context.

=> No books! No Classes! Monthly sessions. Weekend only!
=> Medium of instruction: Mix of Hindi, English & Gujarati.
=> 24 Mentoring workshops by IIM & EDI faculty.
=> 24 Consulting Sessions: Our consultants will help you put into practice what you have learnt in the workshops.
=> 15 Guided assignments for your own business.
=> Elite Club Meetings: You will be a part of the Elite Club of successful entrepreneurs who come together and share their resources.

=> Increase the productivity and turnover of the business
=> Development of a winning personality AND knowledge of the MD / Owner
=> Integration of family values with business vision
=> Reduction in cost of raising capital to 1.5% or less
=> Grooming of the next generation
=> Modern scientific management applied to traditional wisdom

Key Areas
=> Strategic Marketing
=> Strategic Finance
=> Detailed Project Report
=> Strategic HR
=> Life Values – Bridge between generations
=> Emotional + Spiritual Growth
=> Self Awareness


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