Diploma in Nursing Education & Administration (Community Health)

Diploma in Nursing Education & Administration (Community Health)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Diploma / Certification

Course Duration:

10 months


Senior Nursing Certificate “A” Grade from a School of Nursing recognized by the Indian Nursing Council or its equivalent and Certificate in Senior Midwifery, (essential for female nurses).

Course Details:

Diploma in Nursing Education & Administration (Community Health) [DNEA(CH)] - The course aims at preparation of Teachers, Administrators and Clinicians for undertaking higher responsibilities in Community Health Nursing Service, teaching in the Community Health field, clinics, Institutions (hospitals) and teaching and administration in hospital and school of nursing according to the specialization they undergo. The student on completion of the course will acquire skills in teaching and nursing practice both in community and hospital; and develop awareness towards the need for professional growth and self assertation through individual efforts.The programme is offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences, at the Mbabane Campus. The duration of the full-time Certificate in Midwifery Science shall be one academic year of study. Each subject shall divide its total instruction time (individual or combined lectures, practicals, tutorials, projects, etc) into full courses and/or half courses.


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