Diploma In Camera & Lighting Techniques

Diploma In Camera & Lighting Techniques

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Diploma / Certification

Course Duration:

1 Year


The candidate should have pass in higher secondary or bachelor degree or equivalent

Course Details:

Diploma In Camera & Lighting Techniques - There is much more to shooting a movie or television programme than to pointing a camera on the illuminated subject and operating it. The cameraperson is required to create images for the presentation on the screen that delight the eye. He has, therefore, to understand and employ the psychology of human perception to do his work. In otherwords, the cameraperson has to understand how the human mind respondsto the visual information presented before the eye and to this end hehas to adopt the right way to record moving images for presentation on the large screen of a cinema theater or the small screen of a TV set.He has also to keep in mind what viewers have been conditioned toaccept through years of movie going and television watching.Rules and methods of recording the image have to be followed and adopted by the cameraperson. There are a number of skills needed to operate a movieor television camera which have to be developed by the cameraperson.Lighting is indeed at the heart of filmmaking and television production.


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