Craft Teacher Certificate (CTC)

Craft Teacher Certificate (CTC)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Diploma / Certification

Course Duration:

1 Year


A pass in 10+2 examination of a recognized board of examination or a recognized Indian or foreign university.

Course Details:

Craft Teacher (C.T.C) - These should be specific, measurable goals for your students that are met between when they enter your class and when they leave. Imagine it like a tower of building blocks, where the top-most block is your desire to see your students learn more about themselves and connect with others through craft; that goal might not get met today, but we want what we do today to lead each student closer to that lofty objective. The smaller, supporting blocks all come from the goals and objectives you set in each of your classes, and they’re the pathway to much bigger stuff.


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