Bachelor of Science (BSc Rehabilitation Science Psychology Optional English)

Bachelor of Science (BSc Rehabilitation Science Psychology Optional English)

Learning Mode:

Full Time

Course Level:

Bachelors Degree

Course Duration:

3 Years


Should have pass in higher secondary or graduation or equivalent

Course Details:

B.Sc Rehabilitation Science, psychology, Optional English - Rehabilitation professionals have a key role in maintaining individual and community health. They may work in areas related to sport and excercise programs, or in contributing to restoring people's health and assisting people with disabilities. The degree provides an excellent foundation for any student interested in a career as a psychologist with a particular focus on applying those skills in the broad areas of sport, exercise and health maintenance.The programme allows you to examine the complementary nature of both psychology and sport and exercise science and focuses on two significant applications of psychology: understanding the key components necessary for developing high-level skill and expertise, such as those required in sports; and understanding the effects of physical activity and exercise on behaviour, cognition, interpersonal interactions and mental health.Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour, mental health and neuropsychological functioning. It seeks to understand what makes us who we are, how our minds work and what constrains and influences what we do. It addresses issues such as how children learn, why we forget, what causes mental disorders, how brain and behaviour interact and how we perceive the world.


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