Indian Acupuncture research and training centre

Indian Acupuncture research and training centre
City Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

Admission Notices

    The Indian Acupuncture research and training centre with its inception on this auspicious day meant the uprooting of human ailments At least it pledged so to the ailing humanity. This also is the fulfilment of a long-made promise to the people of the subcontinent. The Initiation of Acupuncture - the old yet world-approved Chinese mode of treatment was the need of the hour Both peoples and practitioners and awaited eagerly its initiation here, for years both diffidence and whetted curiosity for this esoteric and highly effective means of cure. It is the reason that though the Indian Acupuncture Research and Training Centre has its unproclaimed birth in the comparatively small, unpretentious place like the rural Raipur (like the son of God- Jesus himself). no sooner had the centre began than it met with the unprecedented recognition and sucess. The people and the practitioners alike started pouring into it from all over the country and its neighbouring counterparts too for redemption or renewed learning. The Centre proved for them the Promised Land-their varitable 'Macca' in medicine within the short period of Fourteen years the Centre has taken gaint strides. Now who can deny the Centre the credit of deliy popularising Acupuncture in the masses as their remedy and address? Who can gainsay the body of the palpable facts that the Centre is acclaimed in imparting training hundreds of qualified doctors in batch after batch from different branches and disciplines of medical science ! Who can negate the naked truth that once a doctor-trainee could come out of the centre not only becomes adept and expert, thereby increasing his clientel tenfold but is also pushed to the limelight benefitted with abundant advantages. Nonetheless, has the Indian Acupuncture Research and Training centre has begun to rest on its aurels now when it is the nexus of fervent activity of the medical world? Far from it The Centre has still miles to go and promises to keep. It is dedicated to the great cause ! The avowed goal of setting up a hospital of Acupuncture with 500 beds is still becoming and furing it to realize. The zeal for the opening of an acupuncture University with the latest modern equipment and facility for research is both militant and missionary all proceeds of the training in fact will eventually be used for this consecrated purpose. YOU ARE INVITED AND MOST WELCOME TO CONTRIBUTE FOR MITE TO THIS SACRED CAUSE BY JOINING THE TRAINING COURSE. Need we confide to you that the practice of acupuncture has received a newimpetus in the modern world? The world Health Organisation by adopting & resolution has already recognised and tilted its scale in favour of acupuncture. The wonder of this ancient art of healing is no longer confined to quacks and charlatans but has proved highly rewarding, so much so the most sophisticated allopahtic tretment has been relegated to secondary and tertiray places. As a therapy it has envinced greater efficacy with lesser side effects than allopthy particularly in such cases as polio, Asthma, Paralysis. Mental Retardation and Deafness, and as a professional aplamb it means grand success being most lucrative- infinitely profitable and practice- building. The history has tendency to renew itself. They are utmost benifited who are aware and alive to this fact. To prove their efficiency and efficacy even the best allopthic doctors now have felt the necessity of supplementing their knowledge with the knowledge of Acupuncture. As in serving you we promote acupunture and making by benefiting people through Acupuncture you will amply and quickly benefit yourself.


    1. Commencement of Training : Every month from 1st to 14

    2. Duration of the training : 2 Weeks ( 6 days in week)

    3. Eligibility : All the qualified Doctors in Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic system



    1. Introduction to Acupuncture

    2. Traditional Theories.

    3. Concept of Qi' and principles of Yin and Yang.

    4. Effects of Acupuncture

    5. Surface anatomy in Acupuncture

    6. Neurophysiological Basis of Acupuncture.

    7. Type of stimulation, Electrical stimulation Apparatus and Technique of needing.

    8. Modern theories of Acupuncture.

    9. Complication and contradication of Acupuncture.

    10. Classical System of Meridians and Acupuncture Points.

    11. Ear Acupuncture.

    12. Selection of Points in Acupuncture therapy.

    13. Holestic Approach to the Acupuncture.

    14. Social aspects of Acupuncture.

    A) Topographical Situation : The city Raipur situated the plains know as chhatisgarh ensconced between the Mahanadi in the east and deep forest in the South. Bhilai Steel plant and its complex is the satelite town of Raipur.

    (B) Climate : Raipur is pleasantly cool in winter and rather hot in summer. Light Winter clothing will do during November to February months.

    7. Railway and Air Connection :Raipur is situated on the main Line on Howrah- Bombay route. It is also directly connected with Delhi, Madras and Waltair. Raipur is directly connected by daily Air Services from Delhi.

    8. Accommodation The Indian Acupuncture Research and Training Centre is centrally situated in Raipur. All the good Hotels are situated within 1Km. distance form the centre. The rates of Hotels vary from 50/- to Rs. 500/- per day. All varities of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are available. Suitable accommodation can be arranged on prior intimation.

    9. Other main aspects and advantages of the courses :

    (A) Certificate of training after completion of the course will be issued, alongwith Diploma Certificate, of international institute of Acupuncture after the candidate's getting through in the examination.

    (B) Membership facilities of the varioun Acupuncture Societies of the world.

    (C) Help in the further studies abroad.

    (D) Follow - up programmes.

    (E) Consultation paticipation and Research facilities.

    N.B. : I The Trainee Doctors have to arrange their own lodging and boarding facilities in the city which has a number of good hotels. II. The Chairmen, Acupuncture Research & Training Centre, Raipur reserves the right for the final selection of Trainee Doctors for every session.

    Group Training Programme

    We also organise group training programme in acupuncture for Doctors at various places in India and Abroad.Minimum a batch of 20 doctors are required for the same.

    Details will be provided on demand.



    Indian Acupuncture research and training centre offers various graduate courses as well as Post Graduate courses.


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        Indian Acupuncture research and training centre

        Generations of past students, both male and female, are proud to be known and enjoy maintaining their connection with the college and each other. Please write to [email protected] with link of existing almuni group, or request for creation of group.