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Career Prospects in Beauty Marketing

By on Fri, 22 July 2016 at 11:44 IST
Career Prospects in Beauty Marketing

Career prospects in Beauty marketing

Today a host of careers has opened in beauty industry, students are still not fully aware Of the options available to them

A career option in marketing falls into different categories. It is not only selling your product or services door to door. It also involves a lot of research to understand customer needs and wants that actually requires mathematical and analytical skills. The Beauty Industry prepares students to enter the world of beauty with the knowledge of the challenges of each of the factors that make up the beauty marketing. Beauty Marketers work collaboratively with all their team members to develop the strategy to successfully bring products to market for their target audiences based on an existing need in the industry. They know how to identify, satisfy the customer and drive a business’s growth and profitability. The beauty industry covers perfumes, makeup and personal hygiene and sanitation products. This huge industry has many marketing opportunities for the students.

Skills Required

Skills are definitely a part of being successful in beauty marketing. In this field, you must possess certain skills such as the ability to be professional, outgoing and creative enough to reach the right audiences. You must have strong people skills, communication skills, and sales skills. Try to always take an initiative to express their ideas according to human behaviour. In addition to this, you must have an eye for trends in the beauty industry, fashions and what are the customer expectations and the ability to forecast trends. A person should be quick and confident in responding since Indian customers ask a lot of questions about the products usage and their effects.

Is it the Right Career for Me?

A Proper SWOT analysis is required before opting for a career in beauty marketing industry. It is essential to evaluate whether you are prepared to work in this challenging division though it has a bright future. Their cosmetics and beauty clients rely on a concern marketing person to predict what is coming next. A person should have full information on the beauty industry’s categories and markets; segmentation, targeted groups, their size, trends and growth forecasts. One need to understand about innovation in beauty: the new products, the failures, the successes and what separates one from the other. The beauty consumer: who they are, what they buy, where they buy and why. What products are meant for boys and for girls separately? How their behaviours are changing, and what brand means for them. Whether the applicant would be able to grip these processes must be determined at an early phase to rule out future problems.

Tips for Getting Hired

The candidate should have a basic level of understanding of what beauty industry do and also visits a local store and explore about products and services. Check on the websites of their favourite brand and get a feel for the atmosphere and current trends. However, there are precise requirements which are necessary to get hired from top notch firms. Some of the valuable tips to get hired in this profession are as follows:

- One should have an interest in beauty marketing and avoid if they think it is a glamorous world.
Early start to study marketing can be helpful in getting a job at an early age and for that one should start preparing for a variety of entry exams conducted soon after 10+2.

- Prior experience is helpful, but not necessary. They should rather be passionate, flexible in an odd hour and also a strong inclination toward customer service. For management roles, such as, leadership, store directors experience in developing teams is really significant.

- Attitude goes a long way too. A candidate who demonstrates a "confident" spirit and approach problem-solving from a position of & "Why not"? can give frame over rest of candidates.


Beauty marketing careers vary from beauty store counter assistant to the director of marketing. The nature of the work depends on the type of position. At its most basic level, marketing entails promoting a company's beauty products, which can range from fragrances to cosmetics to hair care and skin care products. Marketing professionals work with their other executives in sales to examine the demand for beauty products and find ways how a company can meet the demand.

If you work as a trainer, one has to do a lot of demonstrations on how to sell your products. You will be trained from your fellow employees where to situate products in the retail atmosphere and how to demonstrate products to customers and more. This job also involves travel but is much more
centralised into areas. As a counter manager, you work directly with consumers demonstrating products. This job does not require much travel.

If you work in strategic planning, brand management or as an account manager, you are functioning to create deals and put up your product for sale to third parties who sell it to their customers. This position may require travel as well and a lot of social networking. It is fast paced and competitive with the most excellent workers making the biggest sales and pulling off the biggest marketing strategies.

After several years of experience, individuals can become a marketing manager, product manager or sales representative. Some professionals decide to focus on market research or promotions, or they may pursue careers in beauty product development. At this level, professionals accomplish the marketing plans expanded by the executive leadership and assist with developing promotion and pricing strategies. Experienced beauty marketers help develop marketing plans and manage their execution.

Education Requirements

Like all marketing positions, most employers require a master degree in MBA in business or a related field. Courses in beauty marketing, management, finance, accounting, economics, market research, consumer behaviour, sales, and communications can be useful in this career. If a position does not require this, it might instead require a certain level of experience. To work as cosmetics counter representative, job candidates may only require a high school education. The ones with a degree may qualify for advanced positions as a marketing manager, account executive or vice president. Experience is another important factor for landing a job in the industry. Understanding the beauty and fashion industry is definitely important.


As a beauty marketer, a fresher can make anywhere Rs.25, 000 – 30,000 in the beginning and later on as you gain an experience you will definitely get a high raise with the higher position too. The monthly income for managers within few years, with relevant skills, can earn up to Rs 10 lakh to Rs 15 lakh per annum.

Author: Gunjan Gaur

The author is India’s best Permanent Makeup Expert, Celebrity Makeup Expert and Executive Director of ALPS Beauty Clinics & Academies, India’s leading Beauty Care & Education Brand. Presently, she is also heading the makeup department of all 560 salons of Naturals spread all across the country.


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