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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering


The Department of EEE was established in the year 1984, the day, Crescent Engineering College got established.
Even before attaining University status, the Department of EEE was a recognized Research Centre under Anna University and offered Research Programs in Ph.D. and M.Tech. (By Research). The minimum qualification of the department faculty is M.Tech / M.E and 60% of the faculty members are either Ph.D qualified or pursuing Ph.D. The faculty members are with diversed specializations in Power System, High Voltage Engineering, Electric Machines, Power Electronics, Control System, Applied Electronics, Embedded Systems etc. The courses of the EEE department from 1st semester through final semester are handled by the Department faculty members. The faculty : student ratio of the department is 1 : 12.3. The average experience of the faulty members is 12.75 years.

Courses Offered :

=> B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
=> M.Tech. Power System Engineering
=> M.Tech. Power Electronics & Drives
=> Ph.D. Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Infrastructure :

Electric Machines Lab :strong>
The objective of the Electric Machine Lab is to expose the students to the operation of D.C. machines and transformers and give them experimental skill. It also aims to understand the generation of D.C. voltages by using different type of generators and study their performance. It also enables the students to understand the working principles of D.C. motors and their load characteristics, starting and methods of speed control. Further it helps to familiarize with the constructional details of different type of transformers, working principle and their performance

Special Machines Lab :
This Special Machines Laboratory is to expose the students to the concepts of synchronous and asynchronous machines and analyze their performance. Also impart knowledge on Construction and performance of salient and non – salient type synchronous generator, Principle of operation and performance of synchronous motor, Construction, principle of operation and performance of induction machines, Starting and speed control of three-phase induction motors, Construction, principle of operation and performance of single phase induction motors and special machines.

Electric Circuits Lab :
The objective of Electric Circuits laboratory is to impart hands on experience in verification of circuit laws and theorems, measurement of circuit parameters, study of circuit characteristics and simulation of time response. It also gives practical exposure to the usage of CRO, power sources, function generator etc.

Control System Lab :
The aim of this Control system laboratory is to provide sound knowledge in the basic concepts of linear control theory and design of control system, to understand the methods of representation of systems and getting their transfer function models, to provide adequate knowledge in the time response of systems and steady state error analysis, to give basic knowledge is obtaining the open loop and closed–loop frequency responses of systems and to understand the concept of stability of control system and methods of stability analysis.

Measurements and Instrumentation Lab :
The aim of this Measurements and Instrumentation Laboratory is to reinforce the students with an adequate work experience in the measurement of different quantities and also the expertise in handling the instruments involved. It also helps to train the students in the measurement of displacement, resistance, inductance, torque and angle etc., and to give exposure to AC, DC bridges and transient measurement

Power Electronics Lab :
The objective of this Power Electronics laboratory is to study the characteristics of switching devices and its applications in rectifier inverter, chopper and resonant converter. It also introduces the application of electronic devices for conversion, control conditioning of electric power.

Electronic Devices And Circuits Lab :
The aim of the Electronics Devices and Circuit Lab is to study the characteristics, applications of electronic devices, such as p-n junction diode, Bipolar transistor, Field Effect transistor, LED, LCD &other photo electronic devices and Power control/regulator devices. It also gives an exposure to the practical applications of different types of oscillators and thermostats.

Computer Lab for UG :
The objective of the Computer Laboratory for UG is to introduce the concept of object oriented programming and discuss briefly the important elements of object oriented analysis and design of systems. It also helps the students to learn the operator overloading, inheritance and polymorphism concepts in C++, constants, variables, data types, operators, classes, objects, methods, arrays and strings in Java. The lab is equipped with 33 numbers of systems with latest configurations and software computing packages such as MATLAB, MATCAD, PSCAD, EUROSTAG, AUPOWER, EMTP, ETAP, PSIM, MAGNET, LABVIEW, CYME, CASPOC and FEADMOS.

R&D Lab :
The department of EEE has excellent facilities to carry out research work in all the areas of Electrical Engineering. The R&D laboratory has been set up to utilize the research potential of the students and thereby to bring out the research publications. This lab is fortified with state of the art equipment like Harmonic Analyzer and Electroporator etc.

Department Library :
In addition to university main library, department library of department of EEE is having a collection of more than 1000 text books, reference books and project report of under graduate (U.G),post graduate(P.G), Ph.D thesis, and technical magazines, newsletters which are kept for immediate reference of staff and students.

Department Seminar Hall :
Various department seminars, workshops, lectures are conducted .Though our university have separate hall for conduct of conference, seminar, workshops , the department of EEE is having an exclusive seminar hall with state of art facilities including air conditioning room, smart board, LCD Projector, OHP, Public addressing system and USB connection etc.

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engg,
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