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Department of Physiology considers Late Professor Paintal- the first Indian Medical Professional to become Fellow of Royal Society (FRS) as a role model. Department gets inspiration from the works of Professor Paintal on cardiovascular and respiratory physiology.

Courses offered

Department of Physiology was established under the leadership of Dr V. G. Ranade, a renowned Physiologist. Following courses are run by the department: MBBS-1986, MD-1996, PhD-2010 and MSc- 2011. Department is comprising of Professors-3, Associate Professors-3, Assistant Professors -5, Tutors-4 and Non Teaching staff-12. Laboratory of vascular physiology and medicine is well equipped with sophisticated instruments like MP- 45, Biopac Student Lab, Physiopac, CANWin, DicroWin,Periscope,UV spectrophotometer, ELISA reader and washer, catering to the need of carrying out high quality research work and publication. One of staff member is a Visiting Professor to University of LEEDS, UK.


Integrating life sciences from Molecular & Cellular mechanism to System Biology through Organisms. The physiology department seeks to fulfil the society need with highly qualified medical staff and scientific researchers capable to provide the medical field needs, alleviate medical problems The Department of Physiology will be an internationally recognized vital & responsive unit for all who seek excellence in learner – centred academic experience in health science for global community.

Physiology of today is the Medicine of tomorrow (Ernest Starling).
Physiology is the study of mechanism responsible for homeostasis of living system. As such the discipline concerned with the normal functions of the body and it provides the foundation upon which we expand our knowledge and understanding of how life processes are deranged by diseases and environmental stresses. Understanding scientific procedures from basic sciences like intracellular mechanisms to the functional integration of various systems is the purpose of understanding physiological sciences.

The mission of the Department of Physiology is:
1) To provide a superior teaching in the physiological sciences to medical UG and PG students.
2) To achieve and maintain the highest measure in competitive research and
3) Provide service to Medical College and University as a whole.

1. Outline scientific understanding and applications of different physiological concepts.
2. Describe the principles of physiological mechanisms to instill a deeper appreciation for the complexity and beauty of the human body.
3. Distinguish between normal and abnormal performance of the body systems.
4. Clarify the interrelationships of body organ systems with all regulatory mechanisms that control their activities.
5. Expand learning through medical journals, books and the internet.
6. Act upon the basic scientific knowledge that the student receive to do scientific research and medical studies.

1. Define the functions of different body systems.
2. Describe the mechanism of action of different body systems and the sequence of events that accompany these actions.
3. Estimate the normal values with regard to different biological conditions.
4. Illustrate the degree of deviation in the normal functions of different body systems in some clinical disorders.
5. Provide scientific explanations for different physiological changes accompany some clinical disorders.

Teaching And Learning Methods

In addition to traditional lectures, tutorials, demonstrations and practical sessions are used to conduct the syllabi of the curriculum. For this, power points and video recordings are used for teaching.

• A good number of academic staff
• Student population
• Focused and responsive college administrators
• Excellence-driven university administration

• Lack of access to extramural research grants
• Remote location in a backward district of Karnataka

• Collaborations with national & international universities
• Government support for research grants/conferences.

Research & Development / Topic

List of Research Publication with Abstracts (2014 & 2015)
=> Effect of yoga on arterial stiffness in elderly subjects with increased pulse pressure: A
randomized controlled study.
Patil SG, Aithala MR, Das KK
Complement Ther Med 2.22

=> Hypoglycemic activity of curcumin synthetic analogues in alloxan-induced diabetic rats.
Das KK, Razzaghi-Asl N, Tikare SN, Di Santo R, Costi R, Messore A, Pescatori L, Crucitti GC, Jargar JG, Dhundasi SA, Saso L
J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem. 2015 Feb 16:1-7 [IF: 2.43]

=> Hypoxia, Lead Toxicities and Oxidative Stress: Cell Signaling, Molecular Interactions and
Antioxidant (Vitamin C) Defense
Kusal K Das, Sikha Saha
Current Signal Transduction Therapy. 2015; 9(03). (IF:: 0.45)

=> α-tocopherol supplementation prevents lead acetate and hypoxia-induced hepatic
Indian J Pharmacol. 2015 May-Jun; 47(3): 285–291.[IF:0.69]
Kusal K. Das, Jameel G. Jargar, Sikha Saha, Saeed M. Yendigeri,and Shashi Bala Singh

=> Journey of a researcher: From citation to 'h-index'
Das KK
Int J Clin Exp Physiol 2015;2:1

=> Evaluation of arterial stiffness in elderly with prehypertension
Patil Satish Gurunathrao*, Aithala Manjunatha and Das Kusal Kanti
Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 2015;59(1):16-22

=> Association between central obesity parameters and blood pressure phenotypes: study among women.
Pallavi Kanthe,
Int J Pharma Biosci 07/2015; 6(3):355-361.

=> A study of cardiovascular autonomic nervous functions in apparently healthy middle aged individuals.
Bagali Shrilaxmi, Khodnapur Jyoti, Mullur Lata, Dhanakshirur GB, Aithala Manjunatha
Indian J Public Health Res Develop 2015;6:1

=> Different anthropometric adiposity measures and their association with cardiovascular disease risk factors in middle aged women

Pallavi S. Kanthe, Shrilaxmi Bagali, Gouhar Banu Shaikh, Sumangala M. Patil, Bheemshetty S. Patil and Manjunatha R. Aithala
Indian J Physiol Pharmac 2015;59(1):57-62

=> Phytochemical Analysis of nigella sativaand its effect on reproductive system.
Haseena S, Aithala M, Das KK, Saheb SH
J Pharm. Sci. & Res 2015; 7(8):514-517

=> Effect of thymoquinone on MDA and SOD levels in streptozotocin induced diabetic albino rats.
Desai, S.D.,Saheb, S.H.,Das, K.K.,Haseena, S.
J Pharm. Sci. & Res 2015; 7(8):523-526

=> Effect of nigella sativa seed powder on testosterone and LH levels in sterptozotocine induced diabetes male albino rats
Haseena S.,Aithal M.,Das KK.,Saheb, SH
J Pharm. Sci. & Res 2015; 7(4):234-237

=> Effect of nigella sativa seed powder on MDA and SOD levels in sterptozotocine induced diabetis albino rats
Desai, SD. Saheb, SH Das, KK., Haseena, S..
J. Pharm. Sci. & Res. Vol. 7(4), 2015, 206-209

=> Ameliorating effect of black tea extract on cadmium chloride-induced alteration of serum lipid profile and liver histopathology in rats.
Mantur VS, Somannavarib MS, Yendigeri S, Das KK, Goudar SS.
Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 2014;58(2):128-32.

=> Effect of yoga on oxidative stress in elderly with grade-I hypertension: a randomized controlled study.
Patil SG, Dhanakshirur GB, Aithala MR, Naregal G, Das KK.
J Clin Diagn Res 2014;8(7):BC04-7

=> Role of yoga in modifying anxiety level in women.
Mullur LM, Khodnapur JP, Bagali S, Aithala M, Dhanakshirur GB
Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 2014;58(1):92-5

=> Comparison of the effects of yoga and lifestyle modification on grade-I hypertension in elderly males: A preliminary study
Satish Gurunathrao Patil, Gopal Dhanakshirur, Manjunatha Ramakrishna Aithala, Kusal Kanti Das
Int J Clin Exp Physiol 2014;1:68-72

=> Relationship Between Cardiovascular function and Markers of Adiposity in Young Female Subjects
Dipayan Choudhuri, Soma Choudhuri, Manjunath Aithal.
Int J Med Sci Public Health. 2014; 3(2): 161-164

=> Protective effect of Vitamin E (α-tocopherol) on nickel-induced alteration of testicular pathophysiology in alloxan treated diabetic rats.
Jargar JG, Yendigeri S, Dhundasi SA, Das KK.
Int J Clin Exp Physiol 2014; I(4): 290-297

=> Black tea extracts ameliorates indomethacin induced changes in testicular histopathology of albino rats
Bagoji IB, Doshi MA, Yendegeri S, Patil BG,Patil BB, Das KK
J Young Pharmacists 2014; 6(3): 53-57

=> Influence of α-tocopherol on blood glucose regulation of alloxan induced male diabetic rats exposed to nickel sulfate.
Jargar JG, Dhundasi SA, Das KK

=> Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) leaves extract and its interaction with heavy metal (Nickel II) with reference to glucose reduction capabilities in-vitro.
Kailash Chadchan, Swastika N Das, Kusal K Das:

=> Protective role of Black Tea Extract on Cadmium Chloride (CdCl2) induced alteration of
serum and liver nitric oxide and antioxidant vitamins(C & E) levels in male albino rats.
Mantur VS, Sommanavar MS, Goudar SS, Das KK:

Contact Details

Laboratory of Vascular Physiology & Medicine
Department of Physiology
Shri B.M.Patil Medical College,Hospital & Research Centre
BLDE University
Tel: 91-8352-262770 [Ext.2262]
Email: [email protected]


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