Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur

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Bachelor of Technology (BTech Biotechnology), RTMNU, Nagpur

Mode of Learning:

Full Time

Course Level:

Bachelors Degree

Course Duration:

4 Years (8 Semester)

Course Description:

Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur is offering Bachelor of Technology (BTech Biotechnology). In this section, learn about the Bachelor of Technology (BTech Biotechnology) course at Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur


Which is an intermediate (10+2) with subjects such as physics, maths, biology and chemistry.

Syllabus of Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University - Bachelor of Technology (BTech Biotechnology)

Semester I

Engineering Mathematics – I (BT (BGE) 1.01)
Applied Inorganic Chemistry (BT (BGE) 1.02)
Applied Organic Chemistry (BT (BGE) 1.03)
Applied Physics – I (BT (BGE) 1.04)
Applied Mechanics (BT (BGE) 1.05)
Applied Inorganic Chemistry (BT (BGE) 1.06)
Applied Organic Chemistry (BT (BGE) 1.07)

Semester II

Engineering Mathematics – II (BT (BGE) 2.01)
Applied Physical Chemistry (BT (BGE) 2.02)
Basic Electrical Engineering (BT (BGE) 2.04)
Basic Mechanical Engineering (BT (BGE) 2.05)
Ethical Sciences (BT (BGE) 2.06)
Basic Electrical Engineering Practical (BT (BGE) 2.09)

Semester III

BT BIT 301T (BBT) Microbiology
BT BIT 302T (BBT) Bioprocess calculation
BT BIT 303T (BBT) Bioorganic chemistry
BT BIT 304T (BGE) Applied Mathematics III
BT BIT 305T (BGE) Applied Physical Chemistry II
BT BIT 306P (BBT) Microbiology Laboratory
BT BIT 307P (BBT) Bioorganic chemistry Laboratory
BT BIT 308P (BGE) Applied Physical Chemistry II Laboratory

Semester IV

BT BIT 401T (BBT) Biochemistry Metabolism
BT BIT 402T (BGE) Plant Utility
BT BIT 403T (BBT) Analytical Biotechnology
BT BIT 404T (BBT) Cell Biology
BT BIT 405T (BGE) Electronics & Instrumentation
BT BIT 405P (BBT) Analytical Biotechnology Laboratory
BT BIT 405P (BBT) Biochemistry Metabolism Laboratory
BT BIT 405P (BGE) Electronics & Instrumentation Laboratory

Semester V

BT BIT 501T (BBT) Fluid Mechanics & Solid Handling
BT BIT 502T (BBT) Biochemical Reaction Engineering I
BT BIT 503T(BBT) Heat Transfer in Biotechnology
BT BIT 504T (BBT) Molecular Biology
BT BIT 505T (BBT) Immunology
BT BIT 506P (BBT) Fluid Mechanics & Solid Handling Laboratory
BT BIT 507P (BBT) Heat Transfer in Biotechnology Laboratory
BT BIT 508P (BBT) Molecular Biology Laboratory

Semester VI

BT BIT 601T (BBT) Genetic Engineering
BT BIT 602T (BBT) Mass Transfer in Biotechnology
BT BIT 603T (BBT) Biochemical Reaction Engineering II
BT BIT 604T (BBT) Process Control in Biotechnology BT BIT 605T (BBT) Industrial Biotechnology
BT BIT 606T (BGE) Communication English
BT BIT 607P (BBT) Mass Transfer in Biotechnology Laboratory
BT BIT 608P (BBT) Process Control in Biotechnology Laboratory
BT BIT 609P (BBT) Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory

Semester VII

BT BIT 701T (BBT) Environment and Biotechnology
BT BIT 702T (BBT) Cryogenic application in Biotechnology (Elective I)
BT BIT 702T (BBT) Renewable energy Technology (Elective I)
BT BIT 702T (BBT) Biomaterial Science (Elective I)
BT BIT 703T (BBT) Tissue Culture Technology
BT BIT 704T (BBT) Bioprocess and Equipment Design
BT BIT 705T (BBT) Bio Industry Economics and Entrepreneurship development
BT BIT 706P (BBT) Tissue Culture Technology Laboratory
BT BIT 707P (BBT) Bioprocess and Equipment Design
BT BIT 708P (BBT) Seminar Industrial Training and Tour Report

Semester VIII

BT BIT 801T (BBT) Downstream Processing in Biotechnology
BT BIT 802T (BBT) Computational Techniques and Process Modelling
BT BIT 803T (BBT) Bioinformatics
BT BIT 804T (BBT) Food Biotechnology (Elective-II)
BT BIT 804T (BBT) Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Elective-II)
BT BIT 804T (BBT) Biostatics (Elective-II)
BT BIT 805P (BBT) Bioinformatics Laboratory
BT BIT 806P (BBT) Project work/Dissertation


Note: The above courses are picked automatically by the website for indicative purpose only. However, students are requested to check with the University for the similarity of the course or for any other information in regard to the course.

Syllabus presented on this page is indicative and for general information only. The syllabus / course information listed may not be exhuastive. Students / Visitors are advised to contact the University directly for the official, detailed and accurate Syllabus, Transcripts and other information. List of course names mentioned here is partial and are not comprehensive and the institution would be offering many other courses than those mentioned on this page.

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