Atria University, Bangalore
Atria University, Bangalore
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Atria University, Bangalore

Bangalore, Karnataka Phone: +91 8497885588
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Atria University, Bangalore


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    Atria University, Bangalore is redefining the paradigm of higher education in India. The University is reorganizing the learning experience in a manner that places the student at the center.
    The University focuses on the student’s life story, personality, and ambitions. Through a unique learning experience, the University enables every student to craft their learning pathway in a way that works for them, empowering them with the scope and courage to explore their interests, pursue their passions, define their paths, and forge their distinct journeys into the future.
    At Atria University, students are introduced to the ideal academic challenge; one that helps them discover their passions and transform them into careers. This approach to learning includes flexible learning pathways, interdisciplinary majors, sprint-style learning, industry experience and project & peer-to-peer appraisal.

    Degrees & Majors:

    The University is the only university in India to offer five unique, futuristic majors. Flexible pathways in each enable our students to choose a qualification of their choice from B.Tech, B.Sc, BBA, and B.Des. These majors are:
    - Digital Transformation: Students learn how to help businesses transform and become more efficient, using digital manufacturing technologies and 3D printing. You will be skilled in AI, ML, Data Sciences, Robotics, Mechatronis, Additive Manufacturing, RPA, Business Automation Tools, IoT, Geospatial, Design Thinking and Industrial Automation.

    - Energy Sciences: Students learn how to harness renewable energy to address the energy needs of our world. You will skilled in Energy Storage, Geothermal, Solar Thermal, Photovoltaic, Wind Turbine, Nuclear and Wave Energy.

    - Mobility: Students learn how to improve transportation using electric-powered vehicles. You will be skilled in Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles, Automotive Battery Management Systems, Aerodynamics, Avionics, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Mass Transportation.

    - Interactive Technologies: Students learn how to enhance user experiences using AR, VR, UI, Animation, VFX, and Web Design technologies.

    - Sustainable Life Science: Students learn how to implement sustainable solutions to improve human health and reduce dependency on industrial agriculture. You will be skilled in Biotechnology, Biomedical Instrumentation, Data sciences, Gene Alteration and Agricultural Science.

    The admissions process at Atria University is also distinct. There is no single lens through which we measure all prospective students, for each one is dynamic, unique, and with one’s own personal history. Our admissions process strives to identify that uniqueness by understanding the whole profile and context of each student. Our application is designed to understand students through their unique views, interests, passions, and ambitions. We focus on the student, by moving beyond marks and taking a step towards understanding them.

    To guide students along on their journey, the academic team at Atria University has been meticulously curated to offer the perfect academic and industry support for the students’ chosen area of study. The team is an ensemble of eminent leaders from reputed institutions around the world (Cornell, Stanford, Brown, Oxford, among others) and distinguished members of the industry. They are passionately solutions-driven and innovatively advancing their respective fields.

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