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Thoughts mold your destiny. Agree or Disagree ?

By rashmijsr on Thu, 22 December 2011 at 18:04 IST


I used to think over few things again and again but pondered over some questions. Is it our thought process or our doings which mold our destiny ? Why are few people more successful then the rest of the masses ? Why few people get success easily while others strive hard for it ? Why few people are successful at a very early age than the rest of the masses ? I asked many people but they could not answer to my satisfaction. Finding answer to these questions was not an easy task because the person who always gave me suggestions as to what to do and what not to do was not much successful. Was it destiny ? 'Waqt se pehla aur Kismat se jyaada kisi ko nahi milta'.

Will my future be decided by this kismat or i will get results according to the amount of hard work i put in to what ever i do. I wanted to give things a try and started on my journey. I became CEO of my Company and that's the time i really started looking deeply in to my work and everything i did starting from household to office. You cannot neglect anything in life. Things need to be set. Either you set it right or employ someone to do the job. Leading a company without any work experience was difficult but yes i wanted to experiment. I started getting answers to all of my questions one by one. I saw there are people who work hard but don't have direction to reach their goal nor they follow any specific time frame to achieve their goal, that's the reason they are successful at an older age. People who are successful at a very young age have their goals defined and start working for it at a very early age when rest of the people are still planning about their career. Those who get success easily are the ones who have silently worked hard for achieving their goal. Lots of people perform the same type of work and work at the same work place but their is a difference in salary, ever thought of why ? Some juniors are paid more than the seniors at office though they might be newly employed, why ?

Companies pay the best performers and those who just sit idle without innovating are left behind in the race for salary and promotion. Gone are the days when seniority was the only criteria for promotion, now you perform and take away your desired post.

I have realized few things that its not my grey hairs that will help me in achieving my desired goal but my commitment to it that will help me start early and achieve early. Its not that if some one has achieved success in a particular field at an older age, i too need to attain that age to get that position. I believe that we can change and create new history but yes we have to take that bold step. We have to stand and tell them that we are different. We are knowledgeable. Our positive thought and right work has made us successful.

Rashmi Priya, corporate trainer and young motivator holds MBA degree in Human Resource and Marketing ( INDIA). She is globally recognized as Personality development and Management trainer. Her coaching and mentoring has helped many people achieve their goals. To her credits, she has conducted over 50 workshops, influenced over thousand's of participants through out India. Rashmi Priya is Founder & Corporate Trainer at Attitude School, which is a recognized firm to help students and corporates achieve their goals. She has helped students achieve success by clearing interviews and Group discussions by her active and fun filled sessions. She has helped working professionals, CEO, Entrepreneur to shed their inhibitions and effectively speak in public and achieve desired success in the corporate ladder. Rashmi Priya is Chief Executive Officer at vinayRas Infotech - Web development Company, Director - Jobsite for Freshers. She is Soft skills trainer in Jaycees. She has keen interest in writing on topics ranging from HR, Motivation to Women Empowerment. She is regular writer at The Hitavada - Nagpur's largest selling newspaper. She is also an expert author for -,,,, and other global websites. She has received “HRCI” certificate for attending conference organized by Received award for " Best Reporting of Training Programs" at Zone Conference 2011, Zone 9, JCI India. Know more about me at -

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