Say no to Excuses

By rashmibansal on Fri, 21 June 2013 at 13:23 IST
Say no to Excuses


The other day I was making my way through a crowded place and to move as quickly as possible I kept on saying “Excuse me”…..Later thought how we excuse ourselves to make our way out to things we don’t want to do. Isn’t it?
As for example when we are fearful of doing something but do not want to accept the fact we go for a lame excuse for not doing it.
Most of us are guilty of having done something we shouldn't have or of not doing something we should have. When we are questioned about our misconduct, do we accept responsibility and admit we are at fault? Usually not. Instead we make excuses. Making excuses for mistakes is not new.
Excuses are meant to hide our shortcomings or give a better light to our failures. Everyone gets that. We can all justify our reasons for making excuses. But, how does it feel having been deceitful? If it doesn't feel good, isn’t its time to change your habit of making excuses??
If excuses are not a good thing, then why there are so many people making excuses all day long? The answer to this question is this, all excuses do is help you rationalize in your own mind why you are not doing or achieving something that you’re suppose to achieve or do.
A lot of people want to be rich. They want to be a millionaire and they want to be successful in their life. However, most of them will never make their dreams come true. They will tell you that they lack the money to do it, that they don’t have the knowledge. They will tell you that they just don’t have the time to create an additional stream of incomeor they’re too old or too young for it.
Road to awareness is the key, to find out what the excuse is telling you. As for example if I say I do not have time for a particular thing, isn’t this means that the particular thing is not important for me? And if it is, then I should be grabbing the opportunity and not hold myself back behind the excuse. We need to move from the surface level reason move to the core level reason to face the truth. We're all familiar with the cycle:
1. We want new, but resist change.
2. We want satisfaction, but procrastinate.
3. We want control, but defer to circumstance.
4. We want good health, but defer exercising.
So, what’s stopping *you*? It’s YOU.
Some keys to eliminate excuses:
Desire and commitment
Embracing responsibility
Lower unrealistically high standards
Make choices

Don’t let excuses run your life. If you catch yourself using one of these lines, immediately replace it with a statement of the real truth. At first that truth may seem uncomfortable. It’s easier to say, “I don’t know how” than it is to say, “I’m unwilling to learn.” But when you admit your unwillingness, laziness, or lack of motivation, then you’re finally facing the truth, and from that point you will have the opportunity to grow. For example, if you face your unwillingness to learn, you may decide that even though it would be a lot of work to learn a new skill, you could do it if you wanted it badly enough and really applied yourself.
Vaccinate yourself as two wrong doesn’t make a right but they make a good EXCUSE.

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