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Raise Your Employability Quotient the Importance of Internships

By Prof Ramola Kumar on Thu, 17 January 2013 at 18:30 IST
Raise Your Employability Quotient the Importance of Internships


Candidate: Mr X, An MBA post graduate candidate from a reputed institute hired by an MNC Advertising Agency as an Account Executive.

Scene: After the first ten days at the job, Mr X discovers a huge gap between the models he learnt and the work he is doing. He feels let down by the institute. An assessment of his performance leaves him shocked and somewhat frustrated.

Many Post Graduate students find themselves in similar difficult situations when they realize that all the concepts they learnt in their two year MBA program do not facilitate them in the real time job challenges. This gap between theory and practice can only be fulfilled when an institute integrates practical sessions, workshops in the program or offers work experience within the two year program. Most MBA institutes offer a summer internship for a period of two months. Generally the internship entails a Market Research project during this period. This offers little or no integration of concepts learnt or any relevant work experience. Even the chance to learn on the job issues such as performing day to day work, gaining a sense of responsibility and increasing self confidence are lost somewhere in the process.

One needs therefore to select an institute that allows a balance of theory practice interface which integrates knowledge over a longer period of time. Internships must facilitate ones growth by :

• Strengthening the theory-practice interface
• Providing full time exposure to key functions in the organization
• Enhance holistic personality development by providing varied exposure through various learning platforms such as doing recording, reporting the daily work and by suitable feedback for self assessment and evolution.
• Internship should help imbibe corporate ethos and character
• It should increase one’s accountability over time by making a relevant contribution to the organization over the internship period.
• Ultimately it must aim at increasing one’s self confidence and sense of responsibility.

The sum total of these gains will surely lead to increased clarity in meeting greater challenges. In addition to the above there are options available to join an organization as an apprentice as in the case of a student pursuing CA or Law. The student does daily- official work and then takes a final examination at the end of the apprenticeship period. Alternatively , as at the DSC the students are offered ½ day Apprenticeships for 1-2 month periods during the semester. Classes are
held in the morning and work is done in the second half of the day from 2.30 – 7 pm. Such a daily schedule needless to say aids a person to better manage his/ her time, balance study with work, fulfill dual responsibilities and hence become far more self reliant with enthused self motivation and self confidence. A sense of achievement is felt when one realizes that one can truly accomplish a lot more than ones own expectations.

Prof. Ramola Kumar
Dean, The Delhi School of Communication

Prof. Ramola Kumar started her career at The Institute of Management Studies, Bikaner as the Head of Department in the year 1984. She moved in October 1985 to The Institute of Management Technology, (IMT) Ghaziabad as Professor, Marketing with additional responsibilities as Academic Coordinator-- for 4 yrs. In 1989, she shifted to IMT Delhi center as Chairperson, Evening Programme. She headed the center for 6 years and for a span of 5 years during the same period, she was the Marketing Course Coordinator at The Times School of Marketing. Presently, Prof. Ramola Kumar is the Dean, The Delhi School of Communication wherein she was instrumental in helping conceive and launch the programme in the year 1995. The Delhi School of Communication is one of the premier institutes in the country in mass media studies and integrated communications. Her areas of specialization include Marketing,Brand Management and communications. Prof. Kumar has been educated in the United States of America, Canada and India. She pursued her MBA from the University of Ottawa, Canada and was ranked 4th in the management programme.

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