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Healthy Work Environment

By rashmijsr on Mon, 04 August 2014 at 01:47 IST


Its 21st century and we are adapting to new work culture. Gone are the days when we used to put all our stress on work neglecting our health. In todays scenario a lot of importance is given to healthy working environment so that an employee works with peace of mind and is a productive employee. We put more stress on fruitful work completion rather than just spending 10 to 6 at office and doing no productive work. Nowadays each and every company be it softwares, Hardwares or
any other company cares for its employees because if the employees will not get better conditions to work , they will not work and always go on strike for all sorts of demands. Its always better and in favor of Company Administration to understand employees needs from time to time and upgrade accordingly. It does not means that each and every demand needs to be fulfilled but it should be reviewed.

A question always arises as to why a healthy working environment is needed ? Employees are the backbone of a Company and if they are not productive there will be low output and hence less profit. If employees are given good working conditions they will always want to work and stick to a particular company instead of pay packages. There are only few employees who shift because of pay package, many shift due to poor working conditions. Top notch officials have to look into
each and every minute thing to get maximum work done from an employee. We do all assessment starting from when an employee enters an office to when he leaves the office, his productivity, and whether he should get promotion or not but have we spend enough time in checking as to
why a particular employee is not doing fruitful work and what type of help we can provide so that he turns into an asset for the company. It is also sometimes seen that few employees are fruitful when they join the company and then their work deteriorates. Have we tried to find out why ?

If its a big company its very hard to look into problems of each and every employee but its not impossible. We adopt new technology new ideas but forget to change few basic things at our office which may be hampering the output. Take for example the case of software company. It must be assured that each and every employee gets good chair to rest his back as he has to sit for long hours. The table should be high enough so that the monitor of the computer is just in front and
an employee. He need not stress his back. The keyboard should be good and no keys misplaced. The mouse should be in good condition. Its always better to go for LCD monitors than the normal ones as it does not strains the eyes. Then comes work , when a particular project is assigned to a project manager a team is formed for a specific period of time so that the work is completed on time. Its the whole team which works towards the success and completion of project and not a
one man show. But it sometimes happens that we appreciate the work of Project manager but forget to appreciate a particular employee without whose contribution timely completion would not have been achieved.

Recognition is very important and even a small staff should be appreciated for his good work. If its summers proper cooling facility should be there. Good lighting conditions should be there. Its said that “ Take care of your employees and they will take care of the work “.

Office environment should be light and not a tense one. Its very important to be serious towards our work but that does not mean that we should work in a tensed environment. The employees should be at ease and they should laugh often. The gap between top management and employees should be minimum so that a particular employee feels free to discuss his problem to a particular person. Nowadays every company has got a grievance cell to look into the problems of the employees but very few reach there.

The environment of office should not be political. Each and every employee should work with full cooperation and devotion. A lot of employees don't speak up or leave the company due to political
environment and non cooperative seniors. Policies of companies should be such that it should not hamper the interest of the employees. Employees should be given freedom to share their ideas and give their suggestions from time to time. Sometimes small ideas play wonders and it may come from some one whom you never expected. Let your employees speak up.

You should always tell the employee as to what is expected from him. This will create a sense of importance in him and he will work for the company. These are the small and minor things which should be taken care of , for the success of the company. We have healthy food, healthy drink then why not a healthy work environment. The employees should be given enough holidays so that their productivity do not deteriorate. An overworked employee is not at all good. A diseased
employee should be allowed enough rest because it sometimes happens that he comes to work and passes on the same to other coworkers and the whole office gets sick. Treat your employees as assets and they will never become your liability. Make them work in a healthy environment and see the wonders happening every day at office.

Written By
Rashmi Priya

Rashmi Priya, corporate trainer and young motivator holds MBA degree in Human Resource and Marketing ( INDIA). She is globally recognized as Personality development and Management trainer. Her coaching and mentoring has helped many people achieve their goals. To her credits, she has conducted over 50 workshops, influenced over thousand's of participants through out India. Rashmi Priya is Founder & Corporate Trainer at Attitude School, which is a recognized firm to help students and corporates achieve their goals. She has helped students achieve success by clearing interviews and Group discussions by her active and fun filled sessions. She has helped working professionals, CEO, Entrepreneur to shed their inhibitions and effectively speak in public and achieve desired success in the corporate ladder. Rashmi Priya is Chief Executive Officer at vinayRas Infotech - Web development Company, Director - Jobsite for Freshers. She is Soft skills trainer in Jaycees. She has keen interest in writing on topics ranging from HR, Motivation to Women Empowerment. She is regular writer at The Hitavada - Nagpur's largest selling newspaper. She is also an expert author for -,,,, and other global websites. She has received “HRCI” certificate for attending conference organized by Received award for " Best Reporting of Training Programs" at Zone Conference 2011, Zone 9, JCI India. Know more about me at -

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