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Gujarat University Emblem: Yog Karmsu Kaushalam

By on Wed, 14 January 2015 at 16:07 IST
Gujarat University Emblem: Yog Karmsu Kaushalam
College / University: Gujarat University, Ahmedabad


Gujarat University logo contains well known quote from Bhagwad Geeta: "Yog Karmasu Kaushalam". It literally translates to "More work and intelligent work alone leads to efficiency and progress"

Official Website Explains
The most prominent symbols are the dancing peacock and the sculptural architecture resting on two pillars and a lamp suspended from its centre. The dancing peacocks, besides representing its rider, Saraswati, the Goddess of learning in Indian Mythology, symbolizes Gujarat's love for arts and her dignified aesthetic taste. The architecture represents the most characteristic feature of Gujarat's sculpture and is eloquent of her rich heritage; while the two pillars symbolize the solid foundation on which the heritage rests. The lamp suspended from the centre of the architecture is a symbol of learning that dispels the darkness of ignorance and enlightens everything that it encompasses. The lightning at the top of the rectangle and the atomic circles below it symbolize at once the flash of genius and scientific progress and proclaim the avowed ambition of the University to build and maintain a balanced outlook towards Arts and Sciences as indeed towards the life in general.


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