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May I Come In?....Rich servant or a poor owner?

By Dr. Kailas Shamrao Kadu on Mon, 04 August 2014 at 01:48 IST


India is specifically dominated by large number of servants. We also call them as employees. But one way or the other, I think, a stint of slavery is sometimes observed in it. This is because such persons have selected employment as their occupation.

….For occupation three options are available to everyone viz.

1. Business
2. Profession &
3. Employment

We do not have a correct figure with us that how many percentage of the above three categories of persons are there in India. Roughly, there must be around 70% of the employees & rest is all businessmen & professionals. For convenience, I categories occupation into two types, one is entrepreneur & the other is servants. As per these two categories we have more servants & fewer owners or entrepreneurs.

Employees have to work under a boss. Obedience is also required at a greater extent along with continuous improvement in the work action. If we consider the premise of any organization then the employees have to seek permission while entering into the cabin of the boss & ask ‘May I Come in Sir??... It is a regular feature in any organization. Now the question is how many times an employee seeks such permission in his life & of course it goes into millions. Again something like ‘yes boss’ category people or employers who neither dare to criticize nor do they dare to say no to their bosses or seniors.

On the contrary, there is another class of people who always live their life with self respect. They practice entrepreneurship in life. They are highly motivated but may not always be knowledgeable. They have deliberately selected entrepreneurship as their career. They are the real owners & goes as per their wish. They do not require to seek others permission for anything. They take decisions themselves.

So we can categories into one who dominates & the other who likes to be dominated. They are extrovert, risk takers, innovative & wish to expand their energy for their own self. I remember one of my good friends who had been determined from his college days not to become a servant in life by way of any sort of employment anywhere. He has his own manpower consultancy. I often go to him & honor his enthusiasm & zeal towards work.

According to me a person who has a small pan shop is worth than an employee with a handsome salary & earning in thousands. Though the pan shop owner earns less he is a proud owner of his property & not a wealthy servant. It’s all the difference in thinking process which may vary from man to man. Our mind set guides us towards our destiny.

The difference between employees & entrepreneurs is of the attitude of the mind to accept or not to follow the concept of bossism or subordination. A ‘To be free’ feeling from childhood breaks the barrier & a child or a student decides to become a proud owner of his own business or organization which ultimately leads him to become a successful entrepreneur in his life.

There must be the difference & if we go analytically at the root cause of this then there must be some biological ingredients in the genes which make a man to think not to prefer the bossing concept. To bear an employee throughout your life is just to sell a lifetime. Is this the purpose of one’s life? A student has to think the same & not to be in the prescribed limit. The sky must not be the limit to fly for an entrepreneur.

Most of the students always remain in dilemma of what to take up as their career. To fix the career becomes difficult for them. If there is a parental business then such students go ahead in the same field. A son of an employee generally finds reluctant to start his own enterprise. However, selection of a career as an entrepreneur from the early college days provides much time to him to collect the related knowledge & ultimately develops the risk bearing capacity.

To reach his goals I want the students who are young & energetic to think of becoming a poor owner rather than a rich servant & eventually they will climb the ladder of success in their life as a businessman.

By Dr. K.S. Kadu
Professor and Dean Academics at Central Institute Of Business Management Research and Development, Pawanbhumi, Nagpur.

Dr. K.S. Kadu
He is Ex. Senate Member RTM Nagpur University Nagpur. He has been delivering active lectures on Principles of Management, Managerial Economics, Project Management and Quality Management, Business Environment, Human Resource Development Management, Marketing Management, etc.

He has also Worked as a Nominees of Vice-Chancellor and subject expert and on many committees for selection of Principals and faculties at Management Institutions affiliated to Nagpur University and also worked on many local enquiry committees.

Ex. Senate Member RTM Nagpur University Nagpur. Present Employment - Professor and Dean Academics at Central Institute Of Business Management Research and Development, Pawanbhumi, Nagpur (M.S.) (440025) Experience : 1990-95 : as a contributory faculty 1995 to June, 2005 as a full time lecturer 27th June, 2005 Onwards as an Assistant Professor and HOD 16th August, 2010 onwards as a Professor at CIBMRD, Nagpur 21st January 2012 onwards as Director at CIBMRD, Nagpur upto 12th September 2012

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