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University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram Results 2021

University of Kerala was founded as the University of Travancore in Travancore state in 1937. Kerala University (KU) conducts courses in the following subjects - M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Tech, B.Pharm, B.Com, BFA, BBA, LLB, BCA, MA, MCom, MSW, MTA, MPA, MBA, PGDHHA, B.Sc, BHW, B.P.T, MLISc, MASLP, BDS, BPA, B.Ed, BA, BCA, BBA, B.Arch, M.Tech, MBBS, LLM, MBL, PGDHRM, PGDMM, PGDTTM, BPEd, BASLP, MASLP, B.A LL.B.

KU has declared UnderGraduate (UG)/ PostGraduate (PG) Result of 2015 of Semester and Annual Exam. Kerala University Result 2015 has been declared for the following courses - M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Tech, B.Pharm, PG Diploma courses, B.A LL.B, LL.B, BBA, B.Com, BFA.

Following results have been declared recently by University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram:

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University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram Result 2021 for each subject
S.No Subject Name ​ Result Date
1 MSc 23rd October 2021 (Saturday)
2 MA 22nd October 2021 (Friday)
3 BA 18th October 2021 (Monday)
4 LLB 18th October 2021 (Monday)
5 BA LLB 18th October 2021 (Monday)
6 BBA LLB 18th October 2021 (Monday)
7 BCom LLB 18th October 2021 (Monday)
8 PG Diploma 18th October 2021 (Monday)
9 BEd 14th October 2021 (Thursday)
10 BTech 13th October 2021 (Wednesday)
11 MEd 13th October 2021 (Wednesday)
12 MPhil 12th October 2021 (Tuesday)
13 MSW 9th October 2021 (Saturday)
14 BPEd 5th October 2021 (Tuesday)
15 LLM 2nd October 2021 (Saturday)
16 M.Com 1st October 2021 (Friday)
17 B.Tech (Part- Time) 27th September 2021 (Monday)
18 B.Com 27th September 2021 (Monday)
19 MBA 25th September 2021 (Saturday)
20 BCA 23rd September 2021 (Thursday)
21 BSc 23rd September 2021 (Thursday)
22 MBL 21st September 2021 (Tuesday)
23 BBA 18th September 2021 (Saturday)
24 BM-MAM 16th September 2021 (Thursday)
25 MPEd 16th September 2021 (Thursday)
26 B.Pharm 27th August 2021 (Friday)
27 BDS 27th August 2021 (Friday)
28 BMS Hotel Management 26th August 2021 (Thursday)
29 B.Pharm 14th August 2021 (Saturday)
30 MFA 12th August 2021 (Thursday)
31 BSW 11th August 2021 (Wednesday)
32 B.Voc 11th August 2021 (Wednesday)
33 BPA 11th August 2021 (Wednesday)
34 BFA 7th August 2021 (Saturday)
35 PhD 6th August 2021 (Friday)
36 BLISc 22nd July 2021 (Thursday)
37 M.Tech 16th July 2021 (Friday)
38 BHM 13th July 2021 (Tuesday)
39 Diploma Courses 5th July 2021 (Monday)
40 BASLP 30th June 2021 (Wednesday)
41 B.Arch 8th June 2021 (Tuesday)
42 MCA 1st May 2021 (Saturday)
43 MHRM 30th April 2021 (Friday)
44 MD 27th March 2021 (Saturday)
45 B.Des 27th February 2021 (Saturday)
46 M.Sc 26th January 2021 (Tuesday)
47 BAMS 11th January 2021 (Monday)
48 MLISc 18th December 2020 (Friday)
49 MVA 17th September 2020 (Thursday)
50 BHMCT 7th August 2020 (Friday)
51 MASLP 20th June 2020 (Saturday)
52 PG Ayurveda 25th March 2020 (Wednesday)
53 MBBS 13th January 2020 (Monday)
54 MHA 31st December 2019 (Tuesday)
55 MPA 20th July 2018 (Friday)
56 BPT 8th July 2018 (Sunday)
57 Certificate 8th July 2018 (Sunday)
58 B Sc Nursing 9th June 2018 (Saturday)
59 PGDCA 21st March 2018 (Wednesday)
60 MHSc 8th March 2018 (Thursday)
61 MArch 27th October 2017 (Friday)
62 MPlan 3rd September 2017 (Sunday)
63 Integrated Courses 7th August 2017 (Monday)
64 PGDKM 21st December 2016 (Wednesday)
65 BHMS 25th June 2016 (Saturday)
66 MTA 1st April 2016 (Friday)
67 HHA 31st March 2016 (Thursday)

About University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

The University of Kerala (UoK) was formerly known as the University of Travancore. The university situated in Trivandrum. It was established in 1937, long before the birth of the state of Kerala in India, by a promulgation of the Maharajah of Travancore, Sri Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma who was also the first Chancellor of the university.

University of Kerala (UoK) is regarded as the best university in the Kerala state. The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The area of the jurisdiction of the University of Kerala has been limited to Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha Districts and some parts of Pathanamthitta District The university has sixteen faculties and forty one departments of teaching and research. There are eighty-one affiliated colleges. Of these forty, five are aided first grade Arts and Science Colleges, eight are unaided first grade Arts and Science Colleges, two are law Colleges, four Engineering Colleges, two Medical Colleges, seven aided Teachers Training Colleges, six unaided Teachers Training Colleges, one Ayurveda College, on Homeopathy College, two Fine Arts Colleges, one Music College and one College of Physical Education. Besides this, there is an affiliated institute conducting 2-year full time MBA course. The University has recently started an Engineering College in its Kariavattom campus.

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