NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Geography

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Geography

NCERT Solutions for Class 9th Geography (Social Science) subject consists of variety of topics and divided into different sub-parts. In the Class 9th Geography textbook, we are mainly focused on Indian Geography part. In the whole book, we will learn about the natural features of India such as its physical features, natural vegetation, drainage system and much more. The answers of Contemporary India I Textbook is available here which are detailed and to the point. If you are finding any difficulty while solving any question then you can take help from these solutions. You only need to select the chapter from the list.

Chaptervise NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Geography

Chapter 1 – India Size and Location
Chapter 2 – Physical Features of India
Chapter 3 – Drainage
Chapter 4 – Climate
Chapter 5 – Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Chapter 6 – Population

NCERT Solutions Class 9 Geography Chapter Overview

Chapter 1: India Size and Location

Chapter 2: Physical Features of India

In this chapter, students will know about the physical features of India. The exercise contains 6 regular questions and one map-based question.

Chapter 3: Drainage

The chapter will help students to understand the river system of India. The exercise questions are mainly based on the topic such as water divide, river basin of India, peninsular rivers, benefits of rivers and lakes and the importance of rivers for the country’s economy.

Chapter 4: Climate

In this chapter, students will learn about the type of climate that India has and why it is so. The exercise consists of 8 questions. Out of which, one is MCQ type, some are short answer questions, some are based on the reasons, and some are descriptive one.

Chapter 5: Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

In this chapter, students will learn about them in-depth. The chapter also consists of 2 maps, one explaining the India Natural Vegetation and the other explaining India’s Wildlife Reserves. The exercise has 6 questions, out of which one is an MCQ, one is a short answer question and one is based on distinguishing between two topics, and the remaining questions are descriptive in nature.

Chapter 6: Population

In this chapter, students will get to know how the population plays an important role in the development of India. The exercise has 6 questions, and students can find the answers to all in the solutions, through the links provided above.

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