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IIT-Bombay Innovates Curriculum: Integrates AI and Data Science for Undergraduates
IIT-Bombay Innovates Curriculum: Integrates AI and Data Science for Undergraduates

The esteemed Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) is paving the way for holistic education. Keeping pace with the global tech landscape, it has integrated Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI-DS) into its mandatory coursework for undergraduate students, ensuring they are well-equipped for the future.

AI-DS: A Core Element of Modern Learning

Previously, foundational courses in the IIT-B curriculum consisted of subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. Now, AI-DS will join this essential list, enriching the learning experience of BTech and Bachelor of Science (BS) students starting this academic year.

Highlighting the significant shift, Professor Deepankar Choudhury, who spearheaded the panel revising the BTech curriculum, remarked, “Even if students don’t pursue a career in it, the essence of AI-DS will be instilled in them, preparing them for its potential applications in any field.”

Committee Recommendations and Applicability

The push for including AI-DS came after firm recommendations by the committee responsible for revising the curriculum.

Professor Avinash Mahajan, the Dean of Academics, expanded on the new course’s universality, stating, “Except for specific design courses, AI-DS is pertinent to all our Bachelor of Science courses, including Economics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, which frequently engage in data analysis.”

Students will encounter the mandatory AI-DS coursework during the first semester of their second year. Additionally, those intrigued by its potential can delve deeper by opting for advanced courses later in their academic journey.

The Vision for Integrating AI-DS

Mahajan explained the broader intent behind the inclusion: “Recognizing the increasing relevance of AI and Data Science across fields, we’ve introduced it at foundational levels. This prepares our students to either further specialize in it or to have a sound understanding, making them employment-ready in today’s dynamic job landscape.”

Deepankar Choudhury emphasized the broad-spectrum impact of AI, saying, “Previously, we believed AI’s prominence was primarily in computer science and electrical engineering. But now, even domains like mechanical, civil, and aerospace engineering are harnessing AI’s power. It’s clear: AI is not just the future—it’s the present.”

Evolving with the Times

This curriculum enhancement reflects IIT-B’s responsiveness to the rapid advancements in AI and DS, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Moreover, as part of a comprehensive curriculum revamp last year, IIT-B has diversified its courses. They’ve introduced a range of non-engineering subjects like Humanities, Arts, Social Science, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Design, understanding the evolving career aspirations of their students.

In essence, IIT-Bombay’s proactive approach ensures its students are not just recipients of knowledge but are prepared for the dynamic, ever-evolving tech-driven future.

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