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Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Results 2021

Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Exam Results 2021. Get the examination results for all courses offered Gujarat University

Following results have been declared recently by Gujarat University, Ahmedabad:

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Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Result 2021 for each subject
S.No Subject Name ​ Result Date
1 B.Ed 16th July 2018 (Monday)
2 MS 22nd July 2017 (Saturday)
3 MD 22nd July 2017 (Saturday)
4 BPT 28th March 2017 (Tuesday)
5 MBBS 14th March 2017 (Tuesday)
6 BDS 14th March 2017 (Tuesday)
7 PG Diploma 14th March 2017 (Tuesday)
8 M.Ed 14th March 2017 (Tuesday)
9 B.Sc 14th March 2017 (Tuesday)
10 MMCJ 21st February 2017 (Tuesday)
11 MDS 21st February 2017 (Tuesday)
13 Diploma Courses 21st February 2017 (Tuesday)
14 MLISc 21st February 2017 (Tuesday)
15 MBA 21st February 2017 (Tuesday)
16 MSW 21st February 2017 (Tuesday)
17 MLW 1st February 2017 (Wednesday)
18 B.Com LLB 1st February 2017 (Wednesday)
19 BBA LLB 1st February 2017 (Wednesday)
20 BA LLB 1st February 2017 (Wednesday)
21 M.Sc 30th January 2017 (Monday)
22 MDS 23rd January 2017 (Monday)
23 M.Sc Nursing 2nd December 2016 (Friday)
24 BHMS 24th November 2016 (Thursday)
25 B.Com 12th November 2016 (Saturday)
26 B.Sc Nursing 28th October 2016 (Friday)
27 B.E 17th October 2016 (Monday)
28 BPO 3rd October 2016 (Monday)
29 B.Optometry 3rd October 2016 (Monday)
30 MCA 1st October 2016 (Saturday)
31 B.Arch 15th September 2016 (Thursday)
32 M.Ch 13th September 2016 (Tuesday)
33 BID 5th September 2016 (Monday)
34 Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) 26th August 2016 (Friday)
35 MA 12th August 2016 (Friday)
36 BA 23rd July 2016 (Saturday)
37 M.Com 13th July 2016 (Wednesday)
38 LLM 12th July 2016 (Tuesday)
39 MPA 11th July 2016 (Monday)
40 PG Certificate 8th July 2016 (Friday)
41 Int BSc+MSc 8th July 2016 (Friday)
42 BPA 8th July 2016 (Friday)
43 BBA 5th July 2016 (Tuesday)
44 BCA 1st July 2016 (Friday)
45 MPT 22nd June 2016 (Wednesday)
46 M.Optometry 21st June 2016 (Tuesday)
47 LLB 11th June 2016 (Saturday)
48 PB B.Sc Nursing 8th April 2016 (Friday)

About Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

Gujarat University was founded under the Gujarat University Act of the State Government in 1949 as a teaching and affiliating university. It was established under the recommendation of a committee headed by Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar for rearrangement of university education in Bombay state. It is accredited B++ by NAAC.

It is an affiliating university at the undergraduate level and a teaching one at the post-graduate level. Close to three hundred thousand students study at the university in the courses, faculties, and affiliated institutes. The university caters for external as well as enrolled students. Affiliates include over 350 colleges, 35 approved institutions and 20 recognised institutions. Gujarat University is affiliating university, having more than 350 affiliated colleges, 35 post graduate departments and more than 50 affiliated post graduate centres with diversified courses in faculties of 1. Arts, 2. Commerce 3. Science 4. Education 5. Law 6. Medical and 7. Dental.

The university spans over eight districts like Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar,Kheda, Anand, Vadodara,, Panchamahal, Dahod, Mahisagar and two union territories.

Some of these programmes are: Animation, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Technology, Biotechnology, Climate Change Impacts Management, Clinical Research, Food Science and Nutrition, Forensic Science, Human Genetics, Infrastructure Management Services, Information Technology, Mobile Applications & Developmental Management, Maritime Management, Creative Science, Financial Services, Performing Arts, Networking and Communication, Web Technology, Communication & Journalism, PGDIFA, PGDFMI, PGDPM, PGDCSA, PGDACCP, PGDCR, etc.

For more details, please visit the official website of the university at


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