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BGEET Syllabus

College / University: Bharath University, Chennai

Bharath Graduate Engineering Entrance Test (BGEET) is an entrance examination conducted by Bharath University for admissions to courses. The candidates who qualify the BGEET will be given admissions in Bharath Institute of Science and Technology and College of Engineering affiliated to the Bharath University. Admission to M.Tech program will be on the basis of rank secured in the Bharath Graduate Engineering Entrance Test (BGEET).

BGEET Syllabus

Address Bharath University # 173 Agharam Road Selaiyur, Chennai - 600 073 Tamil Nadu, India
Phone no + 91 - 44 - 2229 0742
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Mode Online


Operating System

  1. Inter-process Communication, and Synchronization
  2. Deadlock
  3. CPU Scheduling
  4. Memory Management and Virtual Memory
  5. File Systems

Computer Networks

  1. Concept of Layering
  2. LAN Technologies
  3. Flow and Error Control Techniques
  4. IPv4/IPv6, routers and Routing Algorithms
  5. Application Layer Protocols
  6. Basics of Wi-Fi
  7. Network Security

Programming And Data Structure

  1. Programming in C
  2. Recursion
  3. Arrays, stacks, queues

Digital Logics

  1. Boolean algebra
  2. Combinational and sequential circuits
  3. Minimization
  4. Number Representations
  5. Computer Arithmetic

Compiler Design

  1. Lexical analysis, Syntax-Directed Translation
  2. Runtime Environments
  3. Intermediate Code Generation

Computer Organization and Architecture

  1. Machine Instructions
  2. ALU, data-path and Control Unit
  3. Instruction Pipelining
  4. Memory Hierarchy
  5. I/O Interface


  1. Searching, Sorting, Hashing
  2. Asymptotic Worst Case Time
  3. Algorithm Design Techniques
  4. Graph search, Minimum Spanning Trees, Shortest Paths

General Aptitude

Numerical Ability

  1. Numerical computation
  2. Numerical Estimation
  3. Numerical Reasoning
  4. Data Interpretation

Verbal Ability

  1. English grammar
  2. Sentence Completion
  3. Verbal Analogies
  4. Word Groups
  5. Instructions
  6. Critical Reasoning
  7. Verbal Deduction

Data Bases

  1. ER-model
  2. Relational Model
  3. Integrity Constraints, Normal Forms
  4. File organization, Indexing
  5. Transactions and Concurrency Control

Engineering Mathematics


  1. Limits, continuity and differentiability
  2. Maxima and Minima
  3. Mean value theorem
  4. Integration

Linear Algebra

  1. Vector algebra
  2. Matrix Algebra
  3. Systems of Linear Equations
  4. Rank of a matrix
  5. Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors


  1. Random Variables
  2. Binomial Distributions
  3. Mean, Median, Mode
  4. Conditional Probability
  5. Bayes Theorem

Discrete Mathematics

  1. Propositional and first order logic
  2. Sets, relations, functions
  3. Partial orders and lattices
  4. Graphs
  5. Combinatorics

Theory Of Computation

  1. Regular Expressions and Finite Automata
  2. Context-free Grammars and Pushdown Automata
  3. Regular and Context-free Languages, Pumping Lemma
  4. Turing Machines and Undecidability

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