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Faculties of Regent Institute of Science & Technology (RERF), North 24 Parganas

Browse list of faculties of Regent Institute of Science & Technology (RERF), North 24 Parganas

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Department Of Computer Science & Engineering

  • Subhankar Ghosh, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D (Registered) (Exp: 12.4 yrs)

  • Amartya Ghosh, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech,M.Tech (Exp: 6.4 yrs)

  • Arup Mallick, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech,M.Tech (Exp: 6.4 yrs)

  • Saikat Mondal, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech,M.E (Exp: 6.4 yrs)

  • Hari Narayan Khan, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech,M.Tech (Exp: 7 yrs)

  • Alina Banerjee, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech,M.Tech (Exp: 3.4 yrs)

  • Atanu Kumar Das, Assistant Professor
    B. Sc(CSE),MSc,M.Tech (Exp: 2.3 yrs)

  • Kaustav Sarkar, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech(CSE) (Exp: 4.1 yrs)

Department of Civil Engineering

  • Sulagno Banerjee, Assistant Professor
    B.E, M.E (Exp: 5.4 yrs)

  • Aritra Mandal, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.E (Exp: 4.4 yrs)

  • Saptarshi Nandi, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 4.4 yrs)

  • Prasanta Biswas, Assistant Professor
    B.E, M.E (Exp: 4.4 yrs)

  • Nilendu Krishna Paul, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 4.4 yrs)

  • N. R. Chakraborty, Assistant Professor
    M.Tech (Exp: 5.4 yrs)

  • Soumya Rup Sarma, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 5.4 yrs)

Department Of Electrical Engineering

  • Sanjib Pal, Assistanr Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 6.4 yrs)

  • Sulakshan Naha, Assistanr Professor
    B.Tech,ME (Exp: 3.4 yrs)

  • Prabal Kumar Basak, Assistanr Professor
    B.E, M.E (Exp: 10.4 yrs)

  • Ananta Kumar Pal, Assistanr Professor
    B.Sc(Engg),M.Tech (Exp: 40.4 yrs)

  • Suman Kumar Dey, Assistanr Professor
    B.Tech,M.Tech (Exp: 5.4 yrs)

  • Shambo Chatterjee, Assistanr Professor
    B.Tech,M.Tech (Exp: 1.4 yrs)

  • Asim Kumar Saha, Assistanr Professor
    BEE (Exp: 38.4 yrs)

Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering

  • Milan Mazumder, Assistant Professor
    AMIETE, M.Tech(Ph.D pursuing) (Exp: 4.9 yrs)

  • Anindya Sundar Das, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 7.4 yrs)

  • Dipankar Biswas, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 7.4 yrs)

  • Pulak Mazumder, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 14 yrs)

  • Mahuya Banerjee, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 8.4 yrs)

  • Anindya Hazra, Assistant Professor
    B.Sc, M.Tech, Ph.D (Pursuing) (Exp: 7.4 yrs)

  • Anisur Rahaman, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 1.4 yrs)

  • Himeli Chakraborti, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 4.1 yrs)

  • Suparna Panchaman, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 5.1 yrs)

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • Atanu Kumar Sett, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 5.4 yrs)

  • Biplab Mistry, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech. (Exp: 5.4 yrs)

  • Ayan Biswas, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 5.4 yrs)

  • Partha Kundu, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, ME (Exp: 1.4 yrs)

  • Tanay Lakshman, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, ME (Exp: 1.4 yrs)

  • Ashmita Guha Chowdhury, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 3.4 yrs)

  • Avishek Ray, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, ME (Exp: 1.4 yrs)

  • Amal Bhattacharyya, Associate Professor
    BE,ME (Exp: 34.4 yrs)

Department OF Mechanical Engineering

  • Krishnendu Mondal, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.Tech (Exp: 5.4 yrs)

  • Nipen Pramanik, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech, M.E (Exp: 4.4 yrs)

  • Priyanka Chattoraj, Assistant Professor
    B.Tech,MBA,M.Tech(pursuing) (Exp: 4.4 yrs)

Department Of Basic Science & Humanities

  • Department of Physics,

  • Dr.Sudip Chatterjee, Assistant Professor
    MSc, Ph.D(J.U), Post-Doc (Exp: 13 yrs)

  • Dr.Subhasis Maiti, Assistant Professor
    MSc,Ph.D(C.U) (Exp: 15.4 yrs)

  • Avik Ghosh Dastidar, Assistant Professor
    M.Sc ,MCA Ph.D (Under Process) (Exp: 3.9 yrs)

  • Chiranjib Chakrabarti, Assistant Professor
    M.Sc (Exp: 2 yrs)

  • Department of Mathematics,

  • Ashok Kumar Shaw, Assistant Professor
    M.Sc, Ph.D (Under Process) (Exp: 10.4 yrs)

  • Dr. Zinia Bose Sarkar, Assistant Professor
    M.Sc, Ph.D (Exp: 11.4 yrs)

  • Dr. Chandan Das, Assistant Professor
    M.Sc, B.Ed ,MCA , MBA ,M.Phil.,Ph.D (Exp: 14.4 yrs)

  • Anirban Saha, Assistant Professor
    M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. (Under Process) (Exp: 9 yrs)

  • Piu Ghorai, Assistant Professor
    M.Sc (Exp: 1.4 yrs)

  • Department of Chemistry,

  • Dr. Rajdeep Chakravarty, Assistant Professor
    M.Sc, Ph.D (Exp: 13.4 yrs)

  • Dr. Nibedita Mukherjea, Assistant Professor
    M.Sc, Ph.D (Exp: 20.4 yrs)

  • Department of English & Humanities,

  • Ronika Mukherjee, Assistant Professor
    M.A, Ph.D (Under Process) (Exp: 8.4 yrs)

  • Amrita Chakraborty, Assistant Professor
    B.A, M.A (Exp: 3.4 yrs)

  • Mandira Gupta, Assistant Professor,MBA(Fin) (Exp: 2.4 yrs)

  • Amit Mukherjee, Human Resources & Admin-Executive
    B.A,M.A,MBA(HR),Law(Admin & Labour) (Exp: 2.4 yrs)

  • Nabarun Ghosh, Librarian
    B.A(H),M.A,MLIS (Exp: 4.4 yrs)

Department of MBA (Master of Business Administration)

  • Sanjoy Bhattacharyya, Assistant Director
    B.A, M.A, MBA,LLB,Ph.D(Pursuing) (Exp: 12.4 yrs)

  • Mitra Sen Mazumder, Assistant Professor
    M.Com, MBA,CIB,CPA (Exp: 32.4 yrs)

  • Shuvam Chatterjee, Assistant Professor
    BCA, MBA (Exp: 4.9 yrs)

  • Anamika Mukherjee, Assistant Professor
    B.A, M.A (Exp: 4.4 yrs)

  • Moumita Roy, Assistant Professor
    BBA,MBA(HR),M.phil (Exp: 6.4 yrs)

  • Shubhanjali Chakravarty, Assistant Professor
    Bcom,Mcom (Exp: 5.2 yrs)

  • Ujjawal Pradhan, Lib Assistant
    B.Sc(Phy),B.lib (Exp: 2.4 yrs)

  • Suprovat Basu, Student Relationship Manager
    BA,MA,MBA (Exp: 7.4 yrs)

Department Of MCA (Master of Computer Application)

  • Dr. Kamal Kumar Ghosh, Professor (Dean)
    B.Sc, MSc, Ph.D (Exp: 22.4 yrs)

  • Gunjan Mukherjee, Assistant Professor
    B.Sc,MCA, M.Tech (Exp: 10.4 yrs)

  • Jayita Gupta, Assistant Professor
    B.Sc,MCA,SCJP (Exp: 2.4 yrs)

  • Arpita Baral, Assistant Professor
    B.Sc,MCA (Exp: 1.9 yrs)

  • Soumyendu Sekhar Bandyopadhyay, Assistant Professor
    B.Sc,MCA,M.Tech (Exp: 1.4 yrs)

Technical Staff

  • Computer Science & Engineering Department,

  • Indrajit Dawn, Technical Assistant
    Diploma,AIME(pursuing) (Exp: 4.3)

  • Gopal Paul, Technical Assistant
    Diploma,B.Tech,M.Tech(Pursuing) (Exp: 4.3)

  • Arnab Paul, Technical Assistant
    B.Tech (Exp: 5.3)

  • Kaushik Paul, Technical Assistant
    MCA (Exp: 6.3)

  • Shubhobroto Dey, Technical Assistant
    B.Tech (Exp: 0.2)

  • Electronics & Communication Engineering Department,

  • Sk.Humayun Kabir, Technical Assistant
    Diploma (Exp: 7.3)

  • Rajarshi Chakraborty, Technical Assistant
    B.Tech (Exp: 1.3)

  • Electrical Engineering Department,

  • Bidyut Kumar Ghosh, Technical Assistant

  • Ajitesh Ghosh, Technical Assistant

  • Tanmoy Sarkar, Technical Assistant

  • Sumanta Dey, Technical Assistant

  • Sandeep Chakraborty, Technical Assistant

  • Madhusudhan Bhattacharjee, Technical Assistant

  • Civil Engineering Department,

  • Suhrid Rajan Chakraborty, Sr.Technical Assistant
    Diploma (Exp: 40.3)

  • Prasanta Mukherjee, Lab Attendent
    (Exp: 0.3)

  • Maheshwar Roy, Technical Assistant
    Diploma (Exp: 0.3)

  • Sudipta Das, Technical Assistant
    Diploma (Exp: 0.3)

  • Arindam Kar, Technical Assistant
    BE (Exp: 0.3)

  • Sakshar Mondal, Technical Assistant
    Diploma (Exp: 0.3)

  • Mechanical Engineering Department,

  • Swapan Kumar Sarkar, Technical Assistant
    ITI (Exp: 15.3)

  • Dilip Kumar Bose, Sr.Technical Assistant
    Diploma,BE (Pursuing) (Exp: 3.3)

  • Arup Ghosh, Technical Assistant
    Diploma (Exp: 4.3)

  • Gopi Bondhu Ganguly (MCA), Technical Assistant
    (MCA Department) Diploma,B.Tech (Exp: 5.5)

  • Santunu Roy (Physics), Technical Assistant
    (Physics Department) B.SC (Exp: 1.5)

  • Soumya Kanti Dutta (Physics), Technical Assistant
    (Physics Department) B.Sc, M.Sc (Phy) (Exp: 1.3)

  • Biswaranjan Das (Chemistry), Technical Assistant
    (Chemistry Department) B.Sc,M.Sc (Exp: 4.3)

Library Staff

  • Mr. Nabarun Ghosh, Librarian
    M.A,B.Ed,B.L.I.S,M.L.I.S (Exp: 10.3)

  • Mr. Bivash Chandra Majumder, Library Assistant
    B.L.I.S,M.L.I.S(PURSUE) (Exp: 3.3)

  • Mr. Soumik Sardar, Library Assistant
    B.L.I.S (Exp: 2.3)

  • Mr. Arun Pradhan, Library Assistant
    B.L.I.S (Exp: 2.3)

  • Mr. Ujjal Pradhan, Library Assistant
    B.L.I.S (Exp: 1.3)

  • Abdul Moor Selim, Library Assistant
    B.L.I.S (Exp: 1.3)

Administrative Staff

  • Mr. Debasis Sen, Chief Administrative Officer
    B.A(English-Presidency University) (Exp: 15.4)

  • Tarun Banerjee, Assistant Administrative Officer
    BA,MA(Eng),Mass communication (Exp: 13.4)

  • Prasun Das, Business Development Officer
    B. Com ,MHM(FO) (Exp: 14)

  • Rimpa Sutradhar, Executive -Administration
    B. Com,Diploma in Fin & Accounting (Exp: 4.4)

  • Amit Mukherjee, Executive-HR & Administration
    BA,MA(Eng),MBA(HR),Law(Admin & Labour) (Exp: 4.4)

  • Sritama Choudhuri, Executive -Administration
    BA (Exp: 2.4)

  • Suresh Chandra Jana, System Administrator
    Diploma in Hardware & Networking (Exp: 2.4)

  • Sujit Ghosh, Maintenance
    Maintenance(B.Tech & Diploma) (Exp: 15.7)

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