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Faculties of Balurghat College, Balurghat

Browse list of faculties of Balurghat College, Balurghat

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Department of Arts

  • Smt. Bhaswati (Ray) Mukhopadhyay, Assistant Professor - Bengali

  • Smt. Aditi Dasgupta, Assistant Professor - Bengali

  • Sri. Ripan Sarkar, Assistant Professor - Bengali

  • Sri. Samit Kumar Saha, Assistant Professor - Bengali

  • Smt. Sefali Mandal, Assistant Professor - Bengali

  • Sri. Debajyoti Sarkar, Assistant Professor - English

  • Dr. Indrajit Chattapadhyay, Assistant Professor - English

  • Smt. Namita Paul, Associate Professor - Sanskrit

  • Dr. Subhransu Datta, Associate Professor - Sanskrit

  • Smt. Kanika Nandi, Associate Professor - Sanskrit

  • Dr. Partha Datta, Assistant Professor - History

  • Sri. Bibek Das, Assistant Professor - History

  • Smt. Beauty Das, Assistant Professor - Geography

  • Smt. Atisha Lama Yolmo, Assistant Professor - Geography

  • Smt. Jamuna Subba, Assistant Professor - Geography

  • Dr. Bandana Ghosh, Associate Professor - Political Science

  • Sri. Debasish Ghosh, Associate Professor - Political Science

  • Sri. Binoy Rabidas, Assistant Professor - Political Science

  • Dr. Yang Lhamu Bhutia, Assistant Professor - Political Science

  • Dr. Chhanda Chatterjee, Assistant Professor - Philosophy

  • Dr. Asit Kumar Pal, Assistant Professor - Economics

  • Sri Dilip Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor - Economics

  • Smt. Nandini Mukherjee, Assistant Professor - Economics

  • Dr. Shyam Charan Barma, Assistant Professor - Economics

Department of Science

  • Dr. Purushottam Haldar, Associate Professor - Chemistry

  • Sri. Rupak Roy, Associate Professor - Chemistry

  • Dr. Piyali Sengupta, Assistant Professor - Chemistry

  • Dr. Asish Kr. Das, Associate Professor - Physics

  • Sri. Prasanta Dhair, Assistant Professor - Mathematics

  • Dr. Sanjib Kr. Jana, Assistant Professor - Mathematics

  • Sri. Laxman Saha, Assistant Professor - Mathematics

  • Dr. Parasuram Kamilya, Assistant Professor - Botany

  • Dr. Gouri Das, Assistant Professor - Botany

  • Dr. Tathagata Chakraborty, Assistant Professor - Zoology

  • Dr. Bisu Singh, Assistant Professor - Zoology

Department of Commerce

  • Sri. Tarasankar Bandyo, Associate Professor - Commerce

  • Sri. Ramesh Singh Chauhan, Associate Professor - Commerce

  • Sri. Amitabha Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor - Commerce

Library Staff

  • Sri. Nikhil Chandra Sarkar, Sl. Gr. Librarian

  • Sri. Binoy Kumar Das, Library Attendant

Laboratory Staff

  • Sri. Swapan Kumar Roy, Lab. Inst. in Physics

  • Sri. Swapan Kumar Chakraborty, Lab. Inst. in Zoology

  • Sri. Debu Prasad Dasgupta, Lab. Inst. in Physics

  • Sri. Paresh Ch. Saha, Lab. Inst. in Botany

  • Sri. Gouranga Chandra Dey, Lab. Attendant Chemistry

  • Sri. Sankar Kumar Saha, Lab. Attendant Chemistry

  • Sri. Tapash Mukherjee, Lab. Attendant Chemistry

  • Smt. Jharna Chakraborty, Lab. Attendant Chemistry

  • Sri. Dipak Kumar Shil, Lab. Attendant Botany

  • Sri. Uttam Adhikary, Lab. Attendant Botany

  • Sri. Manoj Kumar Das, Lab. Attendant Physics

  • Sri. Bikas Kumar Saha, Lab. Attendant Physics

  • Sri. Kajal Adhikary, Lab. Attendant Physics

  • Sri. Budhu Kujur, Lab. Attendant Zoology

  • Smt. Malati Khasnobish, Lab. Attendant Zoology

  • Smt. Manju Sarkar, Lab. Attendant Zoology

  • Sri. Prabir Bhowmick, Lab. Attendant Geography, Generator Operator

Office Staff

  • Sri. Ashok Kumar Nandi, Head Clerk

  • Sri. Krishna Das, Accountant

  • Sri. Diraj Maitra, Typist

  • Sri. Niranjan Roy, Cashier

  • Sri. Nirmal Prasad Banerjee, Clerk cum Typist

  • Sri. Sanjoy Das, Clerk

  • Sri. Utpal Kumar Basak, Clerk

  • Sri. Suranjan Datta, Account Assistant (Computer)

  • Sri. Kallal Mahata, Computer Operator

  • Sri. Dilip Bandyopadhyay, Clerk

Non-teaching Staff

  • Sri. Kamal Bahadur Gurung, Peon

  • Sri. Gopal Das, Peon

  • Sri. Debendra Nath Mondal, Peon

  • Sri. Abhinandan Kamet, Watchman

  • Sri. Biswajit Majumder, Night Watchman

  • Sri. Debajit Basak, Night Watchman

  • Smt. Asha Kamet, Sweepar

  • Sri. Panchanan Rabidas, Sweepar

  • Sri. Tushar Bhaduri, Guard (Day)

Disclaimer : All the information about college and its courses are taken from college website. We work hard to make sure the data remains fresh and updated, but still students are advised to check with college or visit official website for recent information. If you are administrator or webmaster and wish to update information, please get in touch with us by writing to [email protected]

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