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UAJET Syllabus

This page contains complete syllabus of Uttaranchal Joint Entrance Test (UAJET)

Uttaranchal Joint Entrance Test (UAJET)

MBA & MCA program - 2 1/2 Hrs

Part A (To be attempted by candidates seeking admission to MBA and MCA program) Duration 2 1/2 Hrs

The Test comprises of multiple choice objective type questions to test the verbal ability, quantitative aptitude, logical and abstract reasoning & knowledge of current affairs. The following is a brief description of contents of the test paper.

Questions to Test of proficiency in English Language. The questions cover grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, relationship between words and phrases and comprehension of passages.

Questions to test analytical and reasonable thinking of the candidate. It consists of a test of numerical aptitude based on general mathematics, numerical calculation, arithmetic, simple algebra and geometry. This also tests the ability to interpret common graphs, charts and tables.

Question to test the speed and accuracy of thinking and decision making. The test is based on assessment of figures, diagrams, unfamiliar relationships and verbal reasoning.

Questions consisting of the knowledge of current affairs related to trade, industry, economy, sports and culture.

Questions related to statistics: Theory of probability, Mean, Median, Mode, Dispersion and Standard Deviation.

MCA - 1 hour

(I) Mathematics:

Modern Algebra: Idempotent law, identities, complementary laws, Demorgan's theorem, mapping, inverse relation, equivalence relation Piano's Axiom, definition of rational and integers through equivalence relation.

Algebra: Surds, solution of simultaneous and quadratic equations, arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progression, Binomial theorem for any index, logarithms, exponential and logarithms series, determinants.

Probability: Definition, dependent and independent events, numerical problems on addition and multiplication theorems of probability.

Trignometry: Simple identities, trigonometric equations, properties of triangles, use of mathematical tables, solution of triangles, height and distance, inverse functions, DeMoiver's theorem.

Co-Ordinate Geometry : Co-ordinate geometry of the straight lines, pair of straight lines, circle, parabola, ellipse and hyperbola and their properties.

Calculus : Differentiation of function of functions, tangents and normals, simple examples of maxima and minima, limits of function, integration of function by parts, by substitution and by partial fraction, definite integral, application to volumes and surfaces of frustums of sphere, cone and cylinder.

Vectors: Position vector, addition and subtraction of vectors, scalar and vector products and their applications.

Dynamics : Velocity, composition of velocity, relative velocity, acceleration, composition of acceleration, motion under gravity, projectiles, laws of motion, principles of conservation of momentum and energy, direct impact of smooth bodies, pulleys.

Statics : Composition of co-planar, concurrent and parallel forces, moments and couples, resultant of set of coplanar forces and conditions of equilibrium, determination of centroides in simple case, problems involving friction.


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