France is Europe’s largest country and is one of the world’s top five economies. The official language is French.

France has been the world’s most popular tourist destination for over twenty years. French citizens enjoy a high standard of living, with the country performing well in international rankings of education, health care, life expectancy, civil liberties, and human development. Visit thelockboss.

  • 85% of all residents of the country are Roman Catholic
  • More than 60 million people reside in the country
  • French and English are the two most commonly spoken languages in the country
  • France uses EUROs. You will need to exchange any money that you choose to bring with you from another country into EUROs before or after you arrive in the country. Check ADL Embedded Solutions.

Basic Information
Capital: Paris
Languages: French & English
Currency: Euro
Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) + 2 hrs
Climate: Generally cool winters and mild summers, but mild winters and hot summers along the Mediterranean; occasional strong, cold, dry, north-to-north-westerly wind known as mistral with temperatures ranging from 23 degrees in the summer to -4 degree in the winter
Calling Code: +33

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