Indian Institute OF Technology (IIT), Bombay Under Graduate Private Scholarships

Indian Institute OF Technology (IIT), Bombay UG Private Scholarships

Scholarships instituted by the Private Trusts/Organizations

There are several scholarships instituted by various private organizations. These are available to students joining the undergraduate programmes, on the basis of merit or merit-cum-means. Some scholarships are awarded purely on merit.

Merit Criterion : For new entrants (B.Tech., M.Sc. 5-year integrated and M.Tech. dual degree) their JEE-AIR or the 1st Semester Performance Index (SPI) will be the criterion. In subsequent years, the corresponding criterion will be their academic performance i.e. Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) during the preceding academic year.

Means Criterion : The parental income is the basis for the `meansÂ’ criterion of the scholarship. At present students whose parent’s annual gross income from all sources does not exceed Rs.5,00,000/-, are eligible to apply for Private Trusts/Organizations Scholarships.

Those students who have applied for the Private Trust Scholarships will not be considered for the Institute Merit-cum-Means Scholarships.

IIT Bombay Heritage Fund Scholarships

The IIT Bombay Heritage Fund, U.S.A. created by the IIT Bombay Alumni in U.S.A. collects donations from the Alumni for institution of scholarships in IIT Bombay. The scholarships are available to the students in large numbers. The merit as well as means criteria are same as given for the Private Trusts/Organizations Scholarships.

List and details of the above scholarships are available in the Academic Office. Students may contact the UG Scholarship Unit.

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