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Faculties of Templecity Institute of Technology and Engineering (TITE), Khurda

Browse list of faculties of Templecity Institute of Technology and Engineering (TITE), Khurda

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Department Of Electrical Engineering

  • Mr. Bibhudananda Udgata,
    PG (IIT, Roorkee), UG (The Institute of Engineers (India) (Exp: 31 years)

    Head of the Department

  • Mr. Pradipta Kumar Jena,
    PG (Madras Institute of Technology, Madras), UG (The Institute of Engineers (India)

    Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Asit Mohanty,
    B.Tech. & M. Tech. MBA. (Exp: 6 yrs)

    Assistant Professor

  • Mr. Satya Sundar Mishra,
    B.Tech., M.Tech. (Exp: 1.5 yrs)


  • Ms. Kunmun Behera,
    B.Tech., M.Tech.


  • Mr. Debabrata Senapati,
    B.Tech., M.Tech.

    Faculty Associate

  • Ms. Chinmayee Mishra,
    B.Tech., M.Tech.

    Faculty Associate

  • Ms. Solony Pattanaik,
    B.Tech., M.Tech.


  • Mr. Gopinath Sengupta,
    B.Tech., M.Tech. (Exp: 2 yrs)

    Faculty Associate

  • Mr. Shesadev Rout,
    B.Tech. (Exp: 4 yrs)


  • Mr. Priyadarshan Nayak,

    Faculty Associate

Department Of Electronics & Communication Engineering

  • Mr. Pradipta Kumar Jena (Head of the Department),
    PG., UG. (Exp: 6 yrs)

  • Mr. Palash Ghosal (Sr. Lecturer),
    B.E., M.Tech. (Exp: 5 years)

  • Mr. Suvrakanta Pal (Lecturer),
    B.Tech., M.Tech. (Exp: 4 yrs)

  • Mr. Satish Kumar Das (Lecturer),
    B.Tech. (Exp: 1 yr)

  • Mr. Lincoln Mohanty (Lecturer),
    B.Tech., M.Tech.

  • Ms. Basabadatta Mohanty (Lecturer),
    B.E., M.Tech. (Exp: 3 yrs)

  • Mr. Khageswar Sahoo (Assistant Professor),
    M.Tech. (Exp: 6 yrs)

  • Mr. Santosh Kumar Biswal (Lecturer),
    B.Tech., M.Tech. (Exp: 4 yrs)

  • Mr. Binayak Swain (Lecturer),
    B.Tech., M.Tech. (Exp: 4 yrs)

  • Ms. Soumyashree Panda (Sr. Lecturer),
    B.Tech., M.Tech. (Exp: 6 yrs)

  • Mr. Amiya Bhusana Sahoo (Lecturer),
    B.Tech., M.Tech. (Exp: 3 yrs)

Department Of Computer Science & Engineering

  • Ms. Niladree Nandini Das (Head of the Department),
    M.Sc., M.Eng. (Exp: 1 yr)

  • Mr. Piyu Tripathy (Professor),
    M.Sc., M.Phil. (Exp: 17 years)

  • Ms. Smriti Rekha Dey (Lecturer),
    B.Tech., M.Tech. (Exp: 1.5 yrs)

  • Ms. Minakshi Majumdar (Lecturer),
    M.Sc., M.Tech. (Exp: 6 months)

  • Ms. Soumya Priyadarshni Rath (Lecturer),
    M.Sc., M.Eng. (Exp: 2 yrs)

  • Ms. Sarmila Padhy (Lecturer),
    B.E. (Exp: 6 yrs)

  • Mr. Jitendra Kumar Rout (Lecturer),
    B.E. (Exp: 4.3 yrs)

  • Mr. Santosh Kumar Behera (Lecturer),
    B.Tech. (Exp: 3 yrs)

  • Ms. Ipsita Patra (Lecturer),
    B.Sc., MCA, M.Tech.

  • Mr. Tapan kumar Nayak (Lecturer),
    M.Sc., M.Tech. (Exp: 4 years)

  • Ms. Himadri Nandini Das Bebartta (Lecturer),
    M.Sc., M. Tech., Ph.D. (Exp: 3.9 yrs)

  • Mr. Pratap Kumar Mishra (Sr. Lecturer),
    B.E., M.Tech. (Exp: 10 yrs)

  • Mr. Manas Ranjan Senapati (Assistant Professor),
    Ph.D., M.Tech., B.E. (Exp: 19 yrs)

Department OF Mechanical Engineering

  • Er. Ajit Kumar Acharya (Head of the Department),
    BE & MBA., M.Tech. (Exp: 14 yrs)

  • Dr Manoj Kumar Pradhan (Professor),
    BE., M.Tech., Ph.D. (Exp: 20 yrs)

  • Mr. Sushanta Kumar Sahu (Lecturer),
    M.Tech. (Exp: 3 yrs)

  • Mr. Purna Chandra Marandi (Faculty Associate),

  • Mr. Amar Kumar das (Sr. Lecturer),
    B.E., M.Tech. (Exp: 7 yrs)

  • Mr. Manoj Kumar Dash (Lecturer),

  • Mr. Mithun Kumar Keshari (Lecturer),

  • Mr. Gautam Kumar (Faculty Associate),

  • Mr. Jyoti Ranjan Barik (Lecturer),
    B.Tech. (Exp: 2 yrs)

  • Mr. Ayashkant Mekap (Lecturer),
    B.Tech. (Exp: 1 yr)

  • Mr. Pritiranjan Bhol (Lecturer),
    B.Tech. (Exp: 2.6 yrs)

  • Mr. Biswaranjan Muduli (Lecturer),
    B.Tech. (Exp: 2 yrs)

Department of Civil Engineering

  • Mr. Ganesh Chandra Panda (Professor & H.O.D),
    M.Tech. (Exp: 30 yrs)

  • Dr. Narayan Sahoo (Professor),
    M.Tech. & Ph.D.

  • Er. Jugal Kishore Moharana (Sr. Lecturer),
    B.Tech. (Exp: 33 yrs)

  • Ms. Tanuja Mohanta (Lecturer),
    B.Tech. (Exp: 2 yrs)

  • Ms. Archana Panigrahi (Faculty Associate),
    B.Tech. (Exp: 5 yrs)

Department Of Basic Science & Humanities

  • Dr. Hrudayranjan Patnaik (Assistant Professor),
    M.Sc., LLB, PGDCS & Ph.D. (Exp: 16 years)

  • Dr. R. N. Mukharjee (Professor),
    M.Sc., Ph.D. (Exp: 25 yrs)

  • Mrs. Anjali Sahu (Lecturer),
    M.Sc., M.Phil (Exp: 9 yrs)

  • Dr. Sanghamitra Parija (Assistant Professor),
    M.Sc. & Ph.D. (Exp: 7 yrs)

  • Dr. Satish Samantaray (Assistant Professor),
    M.Sc., PhD.

  • Mr. Anadi Charan Sahu (Lecturer),
    M.Sc., PhD. (Exp: 4 yrs)

  • Dr. Trailokya Panigrahi (Assistant Professor),
    M.Sc., M.phil., M.Ed, Ph.D. (Exp: 12 yrs)

  • Mr. Sourav Debasis (Lecturer),
    M.Sc. , PhD. (Exp: 12 yrs)

  • Ms. Lili Jena, (Faculty Associate),
    M.Sc. (Exp: 1.5 yrs)

  • Mr. Santosh Kumar Mishra (H.O.D),
    M.A. (Exp: 7 years)

  • Mr. Prakash Chandra Dash (Lecturer),
    MBA (Exp: 5 yrs)

  • Ms. Sikha Nayak (Faculty Associate),

  • Mr. Anshuman Guru (Lecturer in English),
    M.A,Ph.D. (Exp: 3.5 yrs)

Non-teaching Staff

  • Mr. Ashutosh Padhi , Librarian,
    Ph.D. B.Sc, B.Lib & Inf.Sc, M.Lib & Inf.Sc. (Exp: 9 yrs)

  • Priyambada Samantaray, Assistant Librarian,
    Master Degree in Library & Information Science (Exp: 1 yr)

  • Pramod Kumar Samal, Library Assistant,
    M.A., LLB (Exp: 10 yrs)

  • Puspanjali Senapati, Library Assistant,
    B.Lib & Inf.Sc

  • Mr. Soumendu Ku. Mohanty, Junior Administrative officer, (Exp: 21 yrs)

  • Mr.Anadi Charan Sahoo, Chairman (athlatics club),

  • Mr. Jashobanta Paramaguru, Sports Officer,
    M.A , M.P.Ed

  • Kishor Chandra Satapathy, Hostel Superintendent,

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