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Over the past few years, the common law system has emerged as one of the most renowned choices for students who seek to pursue their legal education. The legal framework has become a fine combination of norms and regulations that can collectively contribute to building a successful modern society.

The judicial system protects the freedom and security of people while presenting effective solutions to threats and abuses. If you wish to support the nation from any kind of threats and exploitation, one of the best professions is that of a lawyer.

Now there are different kinds of lawyers who specialize in different areas. It is important to have a higher education degree if you want to pursue a profession in law. Pursuing a BA LLB degree is probably the best option for everyone who wishes to enter the field of law.

A BA LLB degree is common in the legal field and is also accepted globally. In case you have been on the fence considering a successful career in law but are looking for some clarity about the benefits that it can offer then this blog can help you.

Keep reading to know the top reasons to choose BA LLB.

What is BA LLB?

BA LLB is a five-year Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Legislative law course professionally integrated as a formal study of legal studies and humanities. The duration of this course is five years and comprises ten semesters of education.

The degree comprises some disciplines including Political Science, Economics, English, and Sociology as minor areas for supplementing the field of law by focusing on subjects such as public international law, constitutional law, and intellectual property law.

The subjects included in this degree are Managerial Economics, Constitutional Law, Principles, and Practices of Business Management, Fundamentals of Business Organization, etc. The primary objective of this course is to equip students with expert knowledge of legal studies. Some of the job types for this profession are found in the revenue departments, banks, consultancies, state police departments, excise departments, etc.

Top Reasons to Choose BA LLB:

Wide Career Options: There are many legal career options created as a result of the complexities of the legal system including a variety of core and non-core legal functions.

Once you successfully complete your formal education in BA LLB, you can become a judge, consultant, or lawyer while keeping pace with the ever-changing legal systems successfully.

Professional Growth: The legal profession has seen wide growth in recent times. If you choose to complete a degree in BA LLB, you can experience a rise in profits and revenues along with a substantial salary increase as well.

All in all, the profession can offer many growth opportunities. As you keep gaining more and more experience, you will become capable of earning incredibly well.

Noble Service: At the very center of a lawyer’s role is noble client service. It does not matter if you are a lawyer representing a corporate, fighting for the rights of an abused woman or if you wish to obtain restraining orders, at the foundation of your job is serving people.

After completing a BA LLB degree, you will become capable of helping others resolve their legal problems and come out of grim situations. When you finally support them in solving their problems, you will always have the satisfaction of offering noble services.

Mentally Stimulating Career: Passing through the ever-changing legal system, technology advances, wide bodies of law cases, and even the demands of the legal profession has managed to create a mentally stimulating environment for legal professionals.

In case you wish to become a successful lawyer then you must be able to deal with fundamentally challenging problems with ample logic and clarity of thought. Completing your education with BA LLB can allow you to analyze different cases with great research while mastering oral and written communication skills.

Elite Profession: The legal profession has been known as one of the noblest and elite professions for a long time now. This image is further enhanced every time a legal professional wins over an important matter in the courts.

When you pursue a BA LLB degree, the legal profession holds its standing in the job market. It is one of the most sought-after professions in the present job market.


The BA LLB program is one of the best choices for students who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the legal field. It provides students with improved analytical and critical thinking abilities.

Once you complete the course of BA LLB successfully, you become capable of applying legal knowledge in a professional context, learning effective communication, and also becoming capable of understanding social institutions and processes.

About Chitkara University

Chitkara University, situated near Chandigarh (India) has emerged as the most vibrant and high-ranking university in North India which has been ranked A+ by the NAAC. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, scientifically driven pedagogy, strong industry collaborations, and 120+ working associations from schools across the world, Chitkara University not only attracts the finest students from across the nation but with its seamless placement support, it is also able to help them carve high growth careers.

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