TechEagle transports the world’s first vaccine via Drone for animal husbandry department in Arunachal Pradesh
TechEagle transports the world’s first vaccine via Drone for animal husbandry department in Arunachal Pradesh

India,  November 2022: TechEagle – leading drone delivery startup that offers world-class end to end drone delivery solutions has transported the world’s first vaccine delivery for Animal Husbandry in Arunachal Pradesh in collaboration with the Department of Animal Husbandry, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh to strengthen the supply chain for Animal Husbandry by providing safe, secured and faster delivery of various Animal Husbandry related items starting from Lower Dibang valley. 

The startup’s state-of-the-art drone delivery technology shall ensure consistent and reliable distribution of life-saving drugs, vaccines, and other items  related to animals in hard-to-reach areas of the state.  

The project was inaugurated by Shri Tage Taki- Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh. The flight took off from Kangkong and transported the cargo to Paglam, having an aerial distance of 29 km, which was covered usingTechEagle’s Drone in just 20 minutes. Apparently, the road distance from Kangkong to Paglam is about 120 km which takes around 4 hours to cover. TechEagle’s indigenously developed  Hybrid Drone – Vertiplane X3 delivered vaccines 12 times faster than ground transportation.  

Drone took off with a 2.5kg load of vaccines and medicines sufficient  for more than 500 animals. 

Shri Tage Taki, Honourable Minister for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh commented “It is a historic event as drone technology has not been used before to deliver life saving drugs and medicines in the Veterinary sector. He stated that the success of the experimental launch in the field level has paved the way for the further use of this technology in the sectors of Agriculture, Horticulture etc.”

Joint Secretary, Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy(GoI), Shri Upamanyu Basu emphasised that time taken between diagnosis to treatment should be the shortest, be it for a human or an animal, so the experimental delivery of vaccines for FMD and others should ease the worry of the farmers. He added that GOI is in the process of developing many more technologies which will aid the farmers in their work.  

Commenting on the announcement, Anshu Abhishek, COO & Co-Founder of TechEagle said, “Animal husbandry is an important economic sector and rearing of livestock directly influences the socio-economic condition of Arunachal Pradesh. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure the good health of the livestock even in far-to-reach areas. We are delighted to have collaborated with the Animal husbandry department to empower the farmers and create a robust infrastructure through unprecedented drone delivery systems.” 

Vikram Singh, Founder & CEO of TechEagle expressed “We are glad that Govts are adopting indigenously developed Drone technology by TechEagle to transform the healthcare & supply chain for humans and animals both. This inspires startups like us to develop the advanced technologies in India for the world.” 

TechEagle used its made-in-India – Hybrid e-VTOL Drone, Vertiplane X3. It is India’s fastest and longest-range hybrid e-VTOL drone that flies at a maximum speed of 120 kmph for 100km in single charge. It takes off vertically like a helicopter and converts itself automatically into fixed-wing (i.e. passenger aircraft) mode for travelling larger distances with greater speed, and when it reaches the delivery locations, converts itself back to helicopter mode to land in a very small area of 5m*5m. The in-house developed drone can be operated in most geographics and terrains. 

TechEagle’s drones can be used to transport anything weighing up to 3 kg. Furthermore, it will help the Animal Husbandry department to set up hubs all across the states in order to strengthen the transportation system of these medical essentials.

TechEagle is a pioneer and leader in drone delivery. It enables enterprises around the world to transport any essential item. In a short span of time, the company has achieved several milestones in its business journey. In 2018, the company initiated the world’s first tea delivery by drones in Lucknow, UP. 

In addition, it has successfully completed Asia’s first cold chain Vaccine delivery by Drones in the state of Telangana with the World Economic Forum’s- Medicine from the Sky Project. Furthermore, it has also conducted drone delivery of Covid-19 vaccines and medicines in hard-to-reach areas of Himachal Pradesh and Meghalaya and Longest Parcel Delivery with Drones for India Post. 

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