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New Vision for Academic Excellence: Gorakhpur University's V-C Charts Course for Progress
New Vision for Academic Excellence: Gorakhpur University's V-C Charts Course for Progress

Gorakhpur University’s educational landscape is poised for transformation under the leadership of its newly-appointed Vice Chancellor (V-C), Professor Poonam Tandon. With a commitment to fostering academic excellence and open communication, Professor Tandon has unveiled a comprehensive working plan that sets the stage for a brighter future.

Nurturing a Culture of Connection

Understanding the importance of bridging the gap between university authorities and students, Professor Tandon has taken a proactive approach by championing effective communication. A groundbreaking initiative involves maintaining regular contact between deans, department heads, and students through social media platforms. This proactive interaction aims to swiftly address student concerns, creating an environment where voices are heard and solutions are promptly implemented.

Compassion in Action: A New Chapter

Reflecting her commitment to student well-being, Professor Tandon has introduced the concept of a “happiness lab” within the Psychology department. This unique endeavor focuses on offering counseling and support to students, effectively reducing stress and promoting mental well-being.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

Professor Tandon envisions a mentorship program that empowers students from diverse backgrounds, particularly those who come from less privileged circumstances. Through this initiative, senior students will take on the role of mentors for their juniors, guiding them along their educational journey.

A World of Possibilities: Internationalization of Education

Aligned with the New Education Policy, Professor Tandon’s vision emphasizes the internationalization of education. This forward-thinking approach aims to provide students with a global perspective and exposure, preparing them to excel in an interconnected world.

Pioneering Research and Innovation

The pursuit of academic excellence is intrinsically tied to the promotion of high-quality research and innovative projects. Professor Tandon is committed to fostering an environment that encourages both national and international collaborations, allowing students to engage in transformative research endeavors.

Empowering with Information

Accessibility to information is a cornerstone of a vibrant educational community. Professor Tandon recognizes this and is determined to enhance students’ access to information on the university campus and its extensive network of affiliated colleges.

A Bright Path Forward

With a renewed focus on timely examinations and results, Professor Tandon’s administration is dedicated to ensuring that students experience a seamless academic journey. She envisions a future where Gorakhpur University stands as a beacon of educational excellence, driven by motivated students and supported by a robust infrastructure.

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