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Woman In China Quits University To Lose Weight, Doesn't Regret Her Decision

Her hard work paid off, and her weight has now dropped to 65kg.

Maintaining an ideal weight and eating a healthy diet is important in preventing and managing many diseases and conditions. However, an obsession with weight loss might turn problematic when it starts taking over a person’s life. In a similar story, a woman in China dropped out of postgraduate school because she wanted to lose weight.

According to a report by South China Morning Post, the woman, surnamed Shang, from Zhejiang province, quit university after her weight soared to 90kg in one semester.

However, the woman doesn’t regret her decision as has shed 5kg since she left her studies, Shanghai Video reported.

As per the report, Ms. Shang complained that she gained more than 10kg in one semester, mostly due to long periods of physical inaction sitting in a laboratory.

“I am suffering from a bit of obesity from overwork. I don’t feel good,” Ms Shang told Shanhai Video, adding that weight gain had begun to affect her health.

After she made up her mind to quit her studies, she began exercising at the gym, swimming, playing badminton, and climbing stairs. She also started eating a low-calorie diet that included vegetables, seafood, and grains.

Her hard work paid off, and her weight has now dropped to 65kg.

While many on social media hailed her determination and strength of character, others couldn’t understand why quit her education.

One user wrote, ”Wow, she is true to herself. How cool,” while another commented, ”Why did she need to quit school to achieve her aim?”

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