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Century old Narsing HS School gets AI-powered digital smart classroom in Silchar

Silchar, Feb 2: In a groundbreaking development, the century-old Narsing Higher Secondary School, a venerable institution established in 1915 in Silchar, has embraced the future of education with the introduction of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered digital smart classroom. The initiative, led by Cybernetyx, an interactive panel provider, marks a significant technological leap for both students and teachers alike.

Historical Glimpse of Narsing HS School

The rich history of Narsing HS School, spanning over a century, is a testament to its enduring commitment to education. Founded in 1915, the school has been a nurturing ground for countless students, producing successful individuals in various fields.

The Unveiling of AI-Powered Digital Smart Classroom

Thursday witnessed the inauguration of the AI-powered digital smart classroom, made possible through the generous support of the State Bank of India (SBI). As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for the Financial Year 2023–24, SBI extended a helping hand, contributing Rs 5 lakh to the project. The inauguration ceremony was graced by Lalkholun Hangshing, DGM (B&O) SBI.

State Bank of India’s CSR Initiative

Underlining their commitment to social responsibility, SBI has taken a significant step by supporting the digital transformation of Narsing HS School. Lalkholun Hangshing expressed satisfaction in contributing to an institution that has consistently produced successful professionals, both nationally and internationally.

Collaborative Efforts by Omkar Associates

The digital classroom project was brought to fruition through the collaboration between Omkar Associates, based in Guwahati, and the dedicated school authorities. This collaboration reflects a collective vision for integrating technology seamlessly into the fabric of education.

Significance of Technology in Education

Krishnendu Roy, a senior faculty member, emphasized the importance of staying abreast of technological advancements in education. He asserted that for schools to compete globally, they must adopt the latest trends in technology-based education, benefitting both students and teachers.

Plans for Implementation and Targeted Classes

The AI-powered digital classroom initiative aims to start with classes 9-12, providing advanced educational tools to students. The plan is a strategic move to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge required to thrive in the modern world.

Acknowledging SBI’s CSR Contribution

Ratan Paul, the school’s principal, expressed gratitude for SBI’s CSR initiative, emphasizing its pivotal role in setting up the cutting-edge digital classroom. He highlighted the significance of SBI’s contribution in enhancing the learning experience for students.

Insights from School Authorities

Reflecting on the occasion, Madhuchanda Choudhury, the first girl student of the school and now a science faculty member, shared her nostalgic sentiments. She expressed how the school has taken a remarkable leap forward with the introduction of the AI-powered digital smart classroom.

Lalkholun Hangshing’s Perspective

Speaking at the event, Lalkholun Hangshing, DGM (B&O) SBI, praised the resilience of the school amid challenging times for government institutions. He emphasized the importance of integrating technology into education and affirmed SBI’s commitment to supporting such initiatives.

Vision for Technologically-Empowered Education

Krishnendu Roy reiterated the necessity for government schools to receive technological support. He envisioned a future where technology becomes an integral part of the education system, empowering both students and teachers.

Impact on Online Education in the Pandemic Era

The introduction of the digital interactive panel comes at a crucial time when online education has gained prominence due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ratan Paul highlighted the significance of the digital smart classroom in adapting to the evolving landscape of education.

Reactions from Senior Academicians

Buddhadeb Choudhury and Dulal Mitra, senior academicians and alumni, shared their perspectives on the development. They praised the school’s resilience and its commitment to providing quality education, commending the introduction of technology into the learning environment.

Future Initiatives and Conclusion

As the AI-powered digital smart classroom sets the stage for a new era of education at Narsing HS School, the event also hinted at future initiatives. The school envisions more technological interventions, supported by SBI’s CSR initiatives, ensuring a holistic and advanced learning experience for generations to come.

In conclusion, the infusion of technology into education is not just a leap for Narsing HS School but a stride towards a more connected, advanced, and inclusive future for students and educators alike.


Is this the first AI-powered digital smart classroom in the region?

Yes, the initiative at Narsing HS School is pioneering in bringing AI-powered technology to higher secondary schools in the valley.

What prompted the State Bank of India to support this initiative?

SBI views it as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility to contribute to the technological advancement of educational institutions.

How will the digital smart classroom impact online education during the pandemic?

The digital interactive panel adds a new dimension to online education, providing an enhanced and engaging learning experience for students.

Are there plans to expand the initiative to other classes in the future?

The initial focus is on classes 9-12, with future plans to extend the benefits to other classes.

What role do alumni members play in supporting such initiatives?

Alumni members, including senior academicians, actively contribute their insights and support to ensure the success of technological advancements in the school.

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