Actor Himanshu Malhotra interacts with IISU Students

Clarity in thoughts is the essential thing in life to become successful. Hard work, consistency, self-discipline, positivity, happiness etc also play an important role in one’s life but success could be achieved only with clear mind. With these words television and Bollywood actor Himanshu Malhotra began his interactive session with the students of IIS (Deemed to be University) took place at IIIM auditorium on Thursday.

Himanshu Malhotra is a founder of ‘Share And Grow Initiative’ which was primarily his wife’s idea. Under this initiative, he shared his well rounder life experiences with the students, help them find their unique potential and lead them to highest achievements in their life.

He mentioned a research by saying that a human being’s concentration lasts only 08 seconds which is one second lesser than Gold Fish’s memory. Therefore, it is significant for everyone to have concentration in whatever they do to achieve something. He also motivated students to follow their instincts. According to him, instinct is the inner voice coming from within the soul and one’s parents and closed people may go wrong but instinct will never go wrong. That is why everyone must know their instincts and follow them.

While talking about failure, disappointments etc Himanshu said that acceptance is the only key to deal with the failure.

“We should not take failure as loss or something but it should be accepted as lesson of life which would lead to a better future,” he concluded.
Jyotika Sachdeva
Media Co-ordinator