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NR Narayana Murthy comments on Quality of students at IIT's

Updated on Mon, 12 December 2011 at 18:12 IST

NR Narayan Murthy, chairman, Infosys says “Quality of students is deteriorating at IIT's”. According to him the problem is due to coaching institutes which prepares a candidate for selective problems which are asked in IIT entrance test. This helps in clearing the entrance test but leads to poor performance in educational and employment front. The candidates who works hard and learn all types of problem solving techniques does better than a coached candidate.

Only 20% candidates are excellent and rest are fare. IIT being a world class institution has to retain its name by giving quality education and producing good employable candidates. Many candidates lack good English speaking and social skills which reduce their chances of good employment. College Alumini should be inducted on the board so that the quality of education is retained.

By Rashmi Priya

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