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Government launches interest subsidy on Educational loans

Updated on Mon, 12 December 2011 at 18:12 IST

Government launched the scheme Shiksha ka Haq under which every child was entitled to quality education. Now it is subsidy on educational loans. It is really a great move by the government, with the increase in cost of living it is really difficult for the family with limited means to educate their child. Now with the launch of this subsidy a lot of avenues are open for students willing to study technical and professional courses. The government is allowing rebate of Rs 1 lakh on tution fee for any educational college in India, tax rebates for tution fees, rebate on interest paid on education loans. Interest subsidy scheme is not available for institutions outside India.

The benefit is available for family whose annual income does not exceeds Rs 4.5 Lakhs. The benefit is available for loans taken in the year 2009 – 2010 and the subsequent years.

  • GIM ups student loan offer to Rs. 10 lakh without collateral

    GIM ups student loan offer to Rs. 10 lakh without collateral

    GIM ups student loan offer to Rs. 10 lakh without collateral Even as the Union finance ministry is examining ways and means to make it easier to students to avail of education loans, Goa’s top B-School, in partnership with a leading nationalized bank, has come up with a novel initiative where aspiring students will be able to avail of a loan up to Rs. 10 lakh without collateral. The move is aimed at ensuring that lack of funding is not a deterrent for keen and bright students, who wish to get enrolled at the Goa Institute of Management to pursue higher education.
  • GIM offers Scholarships to Meritorious Students

    GIM offers Scholarships to Meritorious Students

    Goa Institute of Management (GIM) one of the premier B-schools of India has always strived for excellence and has believed in forming responsive and responsible leaders who would make significant contribution to the growth of the nation and its people. With this aim, GIM offers scholarships to meritorious students.
  • Now PAN Card must for Educational Loan

    Now PAN Card must for Educational Loan

    Recently banks has started asking for PAN card of parents of students applying for educational loan. The PAN card will help in assessing family's income and track the student in case of default in repayment of loan. The banks now have start educating their customers and students about the process and requirement of PAN card. PAN Cards can now be easily obtained within a week. Students who are planning to approach banks for loan should apply for PAN just after their final exams.
  • Montek Singh Ahluwalia: Stop funding universities

    Montek Singh Ahluwalia: Stop funding universities

    Planning Commission Deputy Chairman [ Singh Ahluwalia] has stressed the idea of funding students instead of universities. "Stop funding the universities and just fund the students then they go to universities that are worth paying for. I am in favour of raising the fees across the board and giving scholarship that will enable students to go to universities which actually do a good job," he said while addressing a function here to unveil a report on corporate sector participation in higher education.
  • Shiksha Ka haq to be spread by Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh

    A year long campaign has been launched for Right to education where headmasters from 13 lakhs primary school will be reading out Prime minister, Manmohan Singh's message on November 11, 2011. The message has been translated in to 14 Indian languages so that it touches the heart of the Indian masses. Shiksha Ka Haq or Right to education will set history as it involves lakhs of Volunteers and hundreds of community based organizations to participate in the door to door campaign till 11th November 2012.