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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, KLE Technological University, Hubli

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering program prepares professionals with the capacity to apply their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and the most recent technological developments to the solution of problems in our society. The profile of the EEE graduate states the following:

Graduates from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering program are instrumental in planning, designing, implementing and evaluating products, services, and systems which integrate people, materials, equipments, and information for the progress and improvement of the quality of life of humankind. They ensure that these products, services, or systems can be provided economically with the required level of quality necessary for satisfying society’s needs. The Electrical Engineer draws upon knowledge and skills mostly from the areas of mathematics and physics, social, physiological and computer sciences, together with principles and methods of engineering analysis and design.

Circuit Analysis Signals & Systems
Analog Electronic Circuits Analog Electronics Lab
Digital Electronics Digital Electronics Lab
Linear Integrated Circuits Data Structures using C Lab
Engineering Design Machines Lab
Electrical M/C-I Power Electronics Lab
Electrical M/C ĐII
Linear Control Systems
Power Electronics
III Semester IV Semester V Semester VI Semester VII semester VIII Semester
Course code Course name Course code Course name Course code Course name Course code Course name Course code Course name Course code Course name
Integral Transforms and Statistics 15EEEB201 Linear Algebra and Partial differential equations 15EEEB207 Power
Electronics 15EEEC301
Electric Drives & Control 15EEEC306 Switchgear Protection and High Voltage Engineering 15EEEC401

PE 5 15EEEE406
Circuit Analysis 15EEEC202 Engineering Design 15EEEF208 Linear Integrated Circuits 15EEEC302 Power System Operation & Control 15EEEC307 HSC 2 (MTP) 15EEEN401
PE 6 15EEEE407
Analog Electronic Circuits 15EEEC203 Electrical M/C ĐII 15EEEC209 Power System Analysis 15EEEC303 Automotive Electronics 15EEEC308 PE 2 15EEEE402 O E 2 (AI) 15EEE408
Digital Electronics 15EEEC204 Linear Control Systems 15EEEC210 Embedded Systems 15EEEC304 PE 1 15EEEE301 (3) PE 3 15EEEE403 HSC 3 (AFM) 15EEEH401
Electrical M/C-I 15EEEC205 Embedded ľc 15EEEC211 Signals & Systems 15EEEC305 HSC 1 (PALR) 15EEEH301 PE 4 15EEEE404 HSC 4 (CIPE/EVS) 15EEEN402
Data Structure using C 15EEEF206 EPG,T&D 15EEEC212 Electrical System Design Lab 15EEEP301 Power Electronics Lab 15EEEP302 OE 1 (ANN) 15EEE405 Project ĐPhase II 15EEEW402
Analog Electronics Lab 15EEEP201 Machines Lab 15EEEP203 Mini project 15EEEW301 Automotive Electronics lab 15EEEP303 Power System Simulation Lab 15EEEP401
Digital Electronics Lab15EEEP202 Embedded ľc Lab 15EEEP204 Open Elective 1 Maths ĐV Course offered only for lateral entry students (Diploma) Embedded and IoT Lab 15EEEP304 Relay & High Voltage Engineering Lab 15EEEP402
Minor Project 15EEEW302 Project ĐPhase I (3) 15EEEW401

Research & Development / Topic

Focus Area:
Power systems Engineering
Current Research Topic: Modeling, controller design and simulation of complex power system with distributed sources of energy

Focus Area:
Renewable Energy Systems
Current research Area: Efficient power electronic systems and their control techniques for PV water pumping system

Contact Details

B. V. Bhoomaraddi Campus, Vidyanagar, Hubli - 580 031
Karnataka State - INDIA.
Fax : +91 - 836 - 2374985
E-mail : [email protected]
Help-desk Phone : +91 - 836 - 2378300 (Time - 10-30 am To 5-00 pm)
For Admission Help & Query : +91 - 836 - 2378103 (11-00 am To 5-30 pm)


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