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Faculties of MES Dental College, Malappuram

Browse list of faculties of MES Dental College, Malappuram

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Department of Orthodontics

  • Dr. P. G. Francis, MDS
    Professor & HOD (Exp: 22 years)

  • Dr. Vincy Antony Margaret, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 7 years)

  • Dr. Muhamed Shaloob. K. M, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 4 years)

  • Dr. Jubin Hassan.K, MDS
    Senior Lecturer (Exp: 11 months)

  • Dr. Ambareen Saba Sayeed, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 7 years)

  • Dr. Thomas. K. Johnson, BDS

  • Dr. Muhasin. T. P., BDS

Department of Pedodontics

  • Dr. Abdul Hafiz. K. A, MDS
    Professor & HOD (Exp: 9 years,11 months)

  • Dr. Jophie. V. Paikkatt, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 4 years,10 months)

  • Dr. Shaniya Sain, MDS
    Senior Lecturer

  • Dr. Jubna. P., BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1 year, 6 month)

  • Dr. Sajeela Ismail, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 3 years)

  • Dr. Dr. Sairabanu. K. Ismail, BDS

Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology

  • Dr. Jayapalan. C. S., MDS
    Professor & HOD (Exp: 11 years)

  • Dr. Anthony George, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 5 years)

  • Dr. Ahammed Noufal .M, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 3 years)

  • Meera. K. Pynadath, MDS
    Senior Lecturer (Exp: 2 years)

  • Dr. Cibin .P, BDS

  • Dr. Savad pari, BDS

Department of Periodontics

  • Dr. Jose Richard. K. M., MDS
    Professor & HOD (Exp: 15.1 yrs)

  • Dr. Sameer. K. M, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 6.1 yrs)

  • Dr. Fajar Ummer Panikkaveettil, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 4.1 yrs)

  • Dr. Ravi. K, MDS
    Senior Lecturer (Exp: 3.7 yrs)

  • Dr. Divyashree .P, MDS
    Senior Lecturer (Exp: 1.10 yrs)

  • Dr. Shahida .A, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1.8 yrs)

  • Dr. Shaniya .C, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1.6 yrs)

  • Dr. Remya Bharathan, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 7 months)

Department of Public Health Dentistry

  • Dr. Mohammed Faisal. K, MDS
    Professor (Exp: 9.11 yrs)

  • Dr. Sudeep. C.B, MDS
    Sr. Lecturer

  • Dr. Fazil. V. Hassan, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 8.1 yrs)

  • Dr. Nidhu. K.Thambi, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 2 months)

Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics

  • Dr. Sabir Muliyar, MDS
    Professor & HOD (Exp: 13 yrs)

  • Dr. Abdul Shameem. K, MDS
    Professor (Exp: 9.4 yrs)

  • Dr. Rekha. P. Thankachan, MDS
    Professor (Exp: 9.3 yrs)

  • Dr. Ambalavanan .P, MDS
    Sr. Lecturer (Exp: 5 months)

  • Dr. Jamsheed Mon. T. K., BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 2.4 yrs)

  • Dr. Ramya Ramdas, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1.5 yrs)

  • Dr. Ameena Shameer, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1 yr)

  • Dr. Fazeela Salam, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1.5 yrs)

Department of Oral Medicine

  • Dr. Johnson. K. Issac, MDS
    Professor & HOD (Exp: 10.9 yrs)

  • Dr. Vadi Vazagan .B, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 6.2 yrs)

  • Dr. Abdulla Mufeed, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 3.10 yrys)

  • Dr. Mufeedha Mohamed, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 3 yrs)

  • Dr. Salva Yunus Saleem, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 10 months)

  • Dr. Shubha Mehta, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1.3 yrs)

Department of Prosthodontics

  • Dr. Murukan. P. A, MDS
    Professor & HOD (Exp: 14 yrs)

  • Dr. Abdul Razak. P, MDS
    Professor (Exp: 10 yrs)

  • Dr. Prasad Aravind, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 6.11 yrs)

  • Dr. Shanoj. R. P., MDS
    Senior Lecturer (Exp: 1.10 yrs)

  • Dr. Sasikumar .T .P, MDS
    Senior Lecturer (Exp: 10 months)

  • Dr. Sajila.V. K., BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1 yr)

  • Dr. Ambalathuveetil Thaju Thanisha, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 7 months)

  • Dr. Jamsheera, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 2.3 yrs)

  • Dr. Nisar. P. T., BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1.2 yrs)

  • Dr. Sunu Kozhy Philip, BDS

  • Dr. Faiha Musthafa, BDS

Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Dr. Ummar. M, MDS
    Professor & HOD (Exp: 15 yrs)

  • Dr. Mohammed Yahiya. T. K., MDS
    Professor (Exp: 9.3 yrs)

  • Dr. Roshni .A, MDS
    Professor (Exp: 8.6 yrs)

  • Dr. Sachin Aslam. A, MDS
    Reader (Exp: 7.6 yrs)

  • Dr. Abdul Gaffur. P. P., MDS
    Reader (Exp: 7.3 yrs)

  • Dr. Rakesh. B. Nair, MDS
    Senior Lecturer (Exp: 2.10 yrs)

  • Dr. Manjunatha. G. A, MDS
    Senior Lecturer (Exp: 3 months)

  • Dr. Shajeer. P. A., BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1.11 yrs)

  • Dr. Abhilash Antony, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 5 months)

  • Dr. Sandeep Menon, BDS
    Lecturer (Exp: 1.4 yrs)

Disclaimer : All the information about college and its courses are taken from college website. We work hard to make sure the data remains fresh and updated, but still students are advised to check with college or visit official website for recent information. If you are administrator or webmaster and wish to update information, please get in touch with us by writing to [email protected]

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