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Faculties of Swami Devi Dyal College of Education, Panchkula

Browse list of faculties of Swami Devi Dyal College of Education, Panchkula

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Teaching Staff

  • Dr. Jai Prakash Sharma (Professor),
    M.A.(, M.Ed.,Ph.D(Edu) (Exp: 30 Yrs.)

  • Dr. Veenu Khurana (Lecturer),
    M.Sc. Botany, M.Ed., M.Phil.,Ph.D. Education, Net (Exp: 7 Yrs)

  • Dr. Anju Arora (Lecturer),
    M.A.(Eco), M.Ed.,Ph.D(Edu) (Exp: 5 Yrs)

  • Ms. Deepti Aggarwal (Lecturer),
    M.Com, M.Ed., NET (Exp: 5 Yrs)

  • Ms. Sangeeta (Lecturer),
    M.A. Pol Sci, M.Ed., M.Phil Net (Exp: 7 Yrs)

  • Ms. Rajni Atri (Lecturer),
    M.A. Hindi, M.Ed., M.Phil (Exp: 4 Yrs)

  • Ms. Jeevan Saini (Lecturer),
    M.A. Pol Sci, M.Ed., Phil (Exp: 7 Yrs)

  • Ms. Kusum Lata (Lecturer),
    M.A. Stats, M.Ed., Net (Exp: 6 Yrs)

  • Ms. Neeraj Gohlan (Lecturer),
    M.A.(Eco), M.Ed. NET, M.Phil (Exp: 2.6 Yrs)

  • Ms. Ravinder Gupta (Lecturer),
    M.Com, M.Ed., NET (Exp: 3 Yrs)

  • Ms. Archana (Lecturer),
    B.A., M.A. Edu, B.Ed., M.Phil (Exp: 3 Yrs)

  • Ms. Jyoti (Lecturer),
    M.A.Eco, M.Phil, M.Ed. (Exp: 6 Yrs)

  • Dr. Sumesh Kumar (Lecturer),
    M.A. Eng, M.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D. (Exp: 1.9 Yrs)

  • Ms. Leena Aggarwal,
    M.A.(Hindi), M.A. Edu, B.Ed. M.Phil Edu (Exp: 4.6 Yrs)

  • Mr. Jasmer (Lecturer),
    M.A.(Eco), M.Ed,UGC Net(Edu) (Exp: 2 Yrs)

  • Ms. Poonam (Lecturer),
    M.Sc Geography, M.Ed. (Exp: 4 Yrs)

  • Mr.Karishan Lal (Lecturer),
    M.A(Hindi), M.Phill(Hindi) (Exp: 3 Yrs)

  • Mr. Narender Kumar (Lecturer),
    M.A(Fine Art) (Exp: 1 Yrs)

  • Mrs. Babita (Lecturer),
    M.A(Hindi),M.Ed (Exp: 3 Yrs)

  • Dr. Manju (Lecturer),
    M.Sc(Home Sci),M.Ed,Ph.D(Ex.Edu) (Exp: 3 Yrs)

  • Mrs. Prakriti (Lecturer),
    M.A(Hindi),M.A(Edu),M.A(Public Ad.) (Exp: 3 Yrs)

Disclaimer : All the information about college and its courses are taken from college website. We work hard to make sure the data remains fresh and updated, but still students are advised to check with college or visit official website for recent information. If you are administrator or webmaster and wish to update information, please get in touch with us by writing to [email protected]

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