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Faculties of RKSD PG College, Kaithal

Browse list of faculties of RKSD PG College, Kaithal

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Department of English

  • Mrs. Chetna Sharma, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Rajbir Parashar, Associate Professor

  • Mrs. Seema Gupta, Associate Professor

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Geeta Goyal, Associate Professor

  • Mrs. Richa Bhardwaj, Associate Professor

  • Sh. Vikas Bhardwaj, Associate Professor

  • Mrs. Manjula Goel, Associate Professor

  • Mrs. Suruchi Sharma, Assistant Professor

  • Sh. Jaibir Dhariwal, Assistant Professor

  • Sh. Naresh Garg, Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Anjali Kurra, Assistant Professor

Department of Hindi

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Manjula Gupta, Associate Professor

  • Dr. B. B. Sharma, Associate Professor

  • Mrs. Meena Kumari, Associate Professor

  • Dr. R. P. Maun, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Rajinder Singh, Associate Professor

  • Dr. O. P. Saini, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Bijender Kumar, Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

  • Dr. S. B. Goel, Associate Professor

  • Dr. R. K. Gupta, Associate Professor

  • Dr. C. B. Saini, Associate Professor

  • Sh. Shri Om, Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Ashok Attri, Assistant Professor

  • Sh. Surender Singh, Assistant Professor

Department of Economics

  • Sh. Virender Pal Goel, Assistant Professor

  • Sh. Suraj Walia, Assistant Professor

Department of Geography

  • Dr. Kishan Lal, Associate Professor

  • Dr. S. S. Dhull, Associate Professor

Department of Punjabi

  • Dr. (Mrs.) J. P. Kaur, Associate Professor

Department of Sanskrit

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Luxmi Mor, Associate Professor

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Vinay Gupta, Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

  • Sh. Satyabir Mehla, Associate Professor

  • Sh. Sanjay Kumar, Assistant Professor

  • Ms. Preeti Bansal, Assistant Professor

  • Sh. Kapil Jain, Assistant Professor

Department of Physical Education

  • Dr. Gurdeep Bhola, Assistant Professor

  • Sh. Surinder Tanwar, Assistant Professor

Department of History

  • Sh. Rakesh Mittal, Assistant Professor

Department of Commerce

  • Sh. Ajay Sharma, Assistant Professor

  • Mrs. Rachna Sardana, Assistant Professor

  • Sh. Vishal Anand, Assistant Professor

  • Mrs. Pooja Gupta, Assistant Professor

  • Sh. Kapil Singh, Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics

  • Sh. O. P. Garg, Associate Professor

  • Sh. Rajesh Singh, Assistant Professor

Department of Botany

  • Dr. H. S. Sirohi, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Sushil Gupta, Associate Professor

Department of Physics

  • Dr. S. K. Goyal, Associate Professor

  • Dr. Anil Narula, Associate Professor

  • Ms. Alisha Goyal, Assistant Professor

Department of Zoology

  • Sh. Gagan Mittal, Assistant Professor

  • Sh. Anil Kumar Jindal, Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

  • Mrs. Shilpy Aggarwal, Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Ashok Sharma, Assistant Professor

Office Staff

  • Sh. Parbodh Kumar Bindlish, Head Clerk

  • Sh. Rajbir Singh, Exam Clerk

  • Sh. Jaipal Sharma, Exam Clerk

  • Smt. Shiksha Rani, Registration Clerk

  • Sh. Anil Garg, Account Clerk

  • Sh. Karnail Singh, Exam Clerk

  • Sh. Sushil Gupta, Account Clerk

  • Sh. Kanwar Pal, Bus Pass Clerk

  • Ms. Heena, Computer Operator

  • Sh. Yogesh Gupta, Computer Operator

  • Sh. Goutam Goyal, Computer Operator

Laboratory Staff

  • Sh. Vinod Singhal, Lab Assistant (Zoology)

  • Sh. Raghubir Sharma, Lab Assistant (Chemistry)

  • Sh. Jaiveer Singh Thakur, Lab Assistant (Physics)

  • Sh. Vijay Jain, Lab Attendant (Zoology)

  • Sh. Ram Kumar, Lab Attendant (Botany)

  • Mrs. Santosh Kurra, Lab Attendant

Technical Staff

  • Sh. Sunil Gupta, Technical Assistant (Electronics)

  • Sh. Manu Nirwani, Technical Assistant (Computer)

  • Sh. Amit Gupta, Technical Assistant (Computer)

  • Sh. Balwan Saini, Technical Assistant (Computer)

Disclaimer : All the information about college and its courses are taken from college website. We work hard to make sure the data remains fresh and updated, but still students are advised to check with college or visit official website for recent information. If you are administrator or webmaster and wish to update information, please get in touch with us by writing to [email protected]

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