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Faculties of Chajju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar

Browse list of faculties of Chajju Ram Memorial Jat College, Hisar

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Department of Arts

  • Sh. M. S. Maun, English (Head of the Department)
    M.A., M.Phil

  • Smt. Anuradha, English

  • Smt. Sudesh, English
    M.A., M.Phil

  • Smt. Seema Rana, English
    M.A., M.Phil

  • Sh. Krishan Lal, English
    M.A., M.Phil

  • Sh. Jarnail Singh, English
    M.A., M.Phil

  • Dr. (Smt.) Kusum Lata Chugh, Hindi (Head of the Department)
    M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Rajbir Singh, Hindi
    M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D., L.L.B.

  • Smt. Neelam Singh, Hindi

  • Dr. Surender Kumar Malik, Hindi
    M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Rakesh, Hindi
    M.A., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Bimla Lathar, Hindi
    M.A., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Mange Ram Yadav, Sanskrit (Head of the Department)
    B.A. Hons. (Gold Medal), M.A., M.Phil. (Gold Medal), Ph. D.

  • Sh. Rajender Singh, Political Science (Head of the Department)
    M.A., M.Phil

  • Dr. Saroj Malik, Political Science
    M.A., Ph.D.

  • Sh. Jai Karan Rana, Economics (Head of the Department)

  • Dr. Zile Singh Goyat, Economics
    M.A., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Balbir Singh, Economics
    B.A. (Hons), M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.

  • Sh. Bhagwan Singh, Geography (Head of the Department)
    M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed.

  • Dr. Sher Singh, Geography
    M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.

  • Sh. Manful Singh, Geography

  • Sh. Devender Kasania, Geography

  • Smt. Harsh Lekha, Geography

  • Dr. Manoj Kumar, Geography
    M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D.

  • Sh. Raghuvir Singh Goyat, Defense Studies (Head of the Department)

  • Dr. (Smt.) Kusum Kasania, Defense Studies
    M.A., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Kapinder Singh, Defense Studies
    M.A., Ph.D.

  • Sh. Dinesh Kumar, Defense Studies

  • Dr. (Smt.) Ved Kaur Poonia, History (Head of the Department)
    M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.

  • Dr. Raj Pal, History
    M.A., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Mahesh Kumar Khyaliya, Physical Education (Head of the Department)
    M.A., M. Phil, M.P.E.D., Ph.D.

Department of Science

  • Sh. Harish Kumar Bhatia, Mathematics (Head of the Department)
    M.Sc., M.Phil, P.G.D.C.A.

  • Smt. Meena Kumari, Mathematics
    M.Sc., M.Phil.

  • Sh. Dinesh Kumar Chadha, Chemistry (Head of the Department)

  • Dr. Ram Chander Saini, Chemistry
    M.Sc., Ph.D.

  • Smt. Shakuntla Devi, Chemistry
    M.Sc., M.Phil

  • Dr. (Smt.) Shashi Solanki, Chemistry
    M.Sc., Ph.D.

  • Smt. Veena Bansal, Physics (Head of the Department)
    M.Sc., M.Phil

  • Sh. Dinesh Kumar Bansal, Physics
    M.Sc., M .Phil., P.G.D.C.A.

  • Sh. Attar Singh, Physics
    M.Sc., M.Phil

  • Sh. Prem Singh, Physics
    M.Sc., M.Phil

  • Sh. Shamsher Dhillon, Computer Science (Head of the Department)
    M.Sc., Post M.Sc. Diploma in Computer Sc.

  • Dr. Suresh Kumar, Zoology (Head of the Department)
    M.Sc., Ph.D. NET - UGC

  • Dr. Bhisham Pal, Botany (Head of the Department)
    M.Sc., Ph.D.

  • Dr. Bhisham Pal, Bio-Technology (Co-ordinator)
    M.Sc., Ph.D.

  • Sh. Bhagwan Singh, (Incharge) Environment Science
    M.A., M.Phil

Department of Commerce

  • Dr. Ranvir Singh Hooda, Commerce
    M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D.

  • Sh. Rakesh Kumar Garg, (Instructor) Commerce
    M.Com., S.H., P.G.D.C.A.

Library Staff

  • Sh. Mahavir Sharma, Assistant Librarian
    M.A. (Pol. Sc. & Ancient Indian History), M.Lib., I.Sc.

  • Sh. Prem Babu, Restorer
    B.A., B.Lib, I.Sc., C.Lib.

Non-teaching Staff

  • Mr. Rajender Singh Poonia,

  • Mr. Shubh Ram,

  • Mr. Rai Singh Beniwal,
    M.A., P.G.D.C.A.

  • Mrs. Aruna Chawla,

  • Mr. Rohtash Singh,

  • Mrs. Mohini Devi,

  • Mrs. Santosh Duhan,
    M.A., B.Ed.

  • Mr. Om Parkash Poonia,

  • Mr. Badlu Ram, Lab Assistant (Geography)

  • Mr. Rajender Malik, Lab Assistant (Zoology)

  • Mr. Dharam Pal, Lab Assistant (Physics)

  • Mr. Udaibir Singh, Lab Assistant (Chemistry)

  • Mr. Satbir Singh, Lab Assistant (Botany)

  • Dr. Suresh Kumar, (Warden) Hostel Men

  • Dr. Bimla Lathar, (Warden) Hostel Women

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